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Why Am I Smelling Down There? 10 Signs To See A Gynaecologist

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Signs to see a Gynaecologist: Dr. Sudeshna Ray who is a specialised gynaecologist and obstetrician talks about the ten different signs one should go to an expert doctor.

Many people assume that they should visit gynaecologists and specialists only for pregnancies. Many also dread it because they assume that the examination will be extremely uncomfortable. “A visit to the gynaecologist does not necessarily always mean that you will need to have an awkward examination,” said Dr. Sudeshna Ray. “A lot of times it is just a conversation, a discussion or maybe an examination at the tummy,” she added.

Dr. Ray shared that it is ideal for one to visit a gynaecologist between the ages of 14 to 17 at least once a year. This is to have a general awareness of the reproductive system and to know how to take care of it from an early age.

10 Signs To See A Gynaecologist

A smelly private part

While a normal discharge with a little smell at the end of the day is okay, having a pungent and strong odour on the private part could indicate a vaginal infection. This also includes the area smelling like urine every time you remove your panties. Dr. Sudeshna Ray confirms that this is especially true for sexually active individuals.

Abnormal discharge from the vagina

In a normal vaginal discharge pattern, discharge stops two to three days after the period stops. After this comes mild discharge which forms a lump or a clump in the panties. Slowly towards the mid-cycle, the discharge becomes watery indicating ovulation. Later on, it reduces in amount till the next period.

Any discharge that does not follow this pattern can be considered an abnormal discharge and one must visit the gynaecologist for it.

Smelling Down There? Time to See Gynaecologist?

Discomfort while or after urinating, itching and burning in private areas

The symptoms of discomfort during or after urinating as well as itching and burning sensations in the vaginal area can be an indication of a fungal infection or a vaginal infection. It can also be an indication of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or even a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) which needs to be treated by experts.

Irregular Periods

The persistence of irregular periods even after three to four years of the start of the menstrual cycle indicates a need to visit the gynaecologist. Although there can be an irregularity that can exist for about three to four years to follow the pattern, any irregularity that goes beyond this time indicates a hormonal imbalance.

Irregular Period with other symptoms

Stubborn acne, hairy face, obesity and hair fall, can be symptoms that indicate an early hormonal imbalance even if it happens below the age of 15 years. It should be diagnosed properly by a gynaecologist and managed accordingly.

Incapacitating period pains

Period pains are normal for about 60 percent of adolescents and young girls. But if the pain comes about two to three days before the start of periods or if the pain lasts throughout the period and even goes beyond the periods, a specialist diagnosis is needed. This might indicate endometriosis which is a reproductive tract abnormality.

Out of control PMS

Similar to the period, if your Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is disruptive and really affecting your normal routine activities and your relationships, expert guidance is needed.

Having sex after you have skipped your normal periods

You can still be pregnant even with precautions. This is especially true for women who have irregular periods. It is easy for them to think that the skip is because of their usual irregularity.

Experiencing extreme pain during penetrative sex

Extreme pain during penetration or not being able to have penetrative sex at all can be an indication of a vaginal muscle spasm or a vaginal infection. It can also be an indication of a short vagina or a blocked vagina or even endometriosis.

Pain, swelling and heaviness in the tummy

These symptoms can be an indication of an ovarian cyst or a fibroid. Although these conditions are not commonly seen in young girls or adolescents, one should see a gynaecologist if the symptoms are experienced.

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