Wearing Bra Is A Choice. But Stay Away From Wrong Bra Size. Here Is Why

If your bra cannot ensure comfort and healthy body, maybe you need to rethink what size you are wearing?

Rudrani Gupta
Feb 17, 2021 13:43 IST
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Wrong bra size: Wearing bras is not necessary. You can confidently take over the world without caging your breasts and breath. But this doesn’t mean that a woman who chooses to wear bras and feels confident in it is less feminist or less capable to achieve her targets. Wearing a bra is an informed choice that a woman should be free to make. Bras should indicate self-care and healthy breasts and not patriarchal standards. It should be comfortable first and then fancy if you like it that way. And the comfortable and healthy bras are those that are of the right size. Because bras of wrong size are neither good for your breasts and body nor your confidence. Mark these disadvantages of wearing the wrong bra size and discard them before it is too late


Disadvantages of wrong bra size

  1. Breast and back pain

If your bra is smaller than the required size, you might experience frequent breast pain and pain in your back and ribs. Smaller size bras fit too tightly around your breast and back area. This creates too much pressure on your breasts that ultimately leads to pain and discomfort. On the other hand, if you are wearing a bra of a larger size, it won’t support your breasts. Subsequently, your breasts will keep bouncing around throughout the day which is also painful especially if your breasts are heavy.


wearing wrong bra size, Disadvantages of wrong bra size

2. Sagging

Wearing an ill-fitted bra that doesn’t provide enough support to breasts might lead to sagging and breast-skin damage or stretch marks. Often women wear bras that are too big to lift the breast and keep them intact with support. In such cases, breasts sag down by the weight of breast mass and lead to the stretching of breast- skin and ligament beyond the recovery point. Sagging breasts are usually normal for some women or may be caused by age and hormones. However, if it happens too early in age (premature sagging), is excessive and is triggered by a bra, it might be a warning sign of wrong bra size and bad body posture


3. Chafing on shoulder

Straps of tight bras can cause chafing and rashes on your shoulders. Bra straps usually help in distributing the breast weight across the shoulder which prevents chafing and rashes. But if your bra is too small for your breasts, the bra straps get stretched a lot by your breast weight. The tight straps constantly rub against your skin causing blisters and rashes. The pain in the shoulder might ultimately lead to neck and back pain.

Moreover, if you wear tight wired bras, the wire might dig into the skin underneath your breast causing painful rashes.


4. Blocks the lymph nodes of the breasts

If you wear a bra with a smaller cup size than required, it might block the lymph vessels of your breasts. Because these vessels are too sensitive to pressure and compression and small or tight bras do the same. Lymph nodes play a vital role in blocking the cancer cells in the breasts. You can now imagine the loss you might incur if you continue wearing small size bras.

5. Trigger Breast Cancer


Breast cancer is the worst although the rare consequence of wearing bras of the wrong size. As pointed out earlier, tight bras might block your lymph and reduce the blood flow to your breasts. And the severe side-effect of this is breast cancer. Although, wrong-sized bras might rarely trigger breast cancer, why should we take a risk?

6. Bad body posture

Sagging breasts and pain in neck, shoulder and back can affect your body posture as your shoulders might droop and back get curved. Bad body posture affects your entire body as it clenched your jaw, tightens your facial muscle, causes jaw pain and headache. It also leads to shortness of breath as curved body posture blocks the passage of enough air to the lungs. Moreover bad body posture affects your confidence too!


7. Excessive sweating and shortness of breath

A tight bra compresses the breasts and blocks the airflow to the skin in the breast area. Ultimately, this reduces the breathability of the breast skin and causes excessive breast sweats. Accumulation of sweat is a breeding ground for bacterial, fungal and yeast infection which can cause skin rashes.

Research shows that around 80 per cent of women wear wrong bra size. Dear ladies, please don’t force your breasts and body to undergo so much pain and discomfort. Choose to wear a bra if it is important for your body but simultaneously be judicious in choosing the right bra size. Because if your bra cannot ensure comfort and healthy body, maybe you need to rethink what wearing bra implies to you?

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