Tahira Kashyap: Family’s support important for women with breast cancer

Tahira Kashyap Breast Cancer

Writer and filmmaker Tahira Kashyap says that a family and husband’s support is necessary for women who are fighting against breast cancer. Tahira’s partner, actor Ayushmann Khurrana, has been supportive in her journey.

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“You can’t share that pain or grapple with anyone else. But when you have the care of your parents, husband, children, important family members and friends, then the strife doesn’t feel like a struggle. I believe the course becomes easy, lovable and blithe. All of us flourish on love, so I wish that a lot of love encircles each one of us,” stated Tahira at an event in Mumbai.

Tahira’s strife to create cancer awareness

Last year, Tahira penned a powerful post about being diagnosed with stage zero breast cancer. She unveiled that she was undergoing a mastectomy. And came back to to work after months of treatment and is still under close medical care, and she frequently posts updates on Instagram, promoting cancer awareness.

She said that initially she was not prepared to share the news with the world. But after the few appointments to the hospital, meeting other patients, speaking about cancer and studying about it, made her change her mind. Even though her close relatives advised her to not to reveal it openly. But what her doctor informed her left her startled. She further shared that in many instances, women who despite knowing the fact that they have cancer, refuse to get tested because of embarrassment connected with it. And that’s when she began sharing positive messages and building awareness about cancer on social media.

“I hope every husband and every wife is there for each other through thick and thin. I was astounded and shocked when Milind Soman stated that a lot of women, when they have cancer, primarily in a rural belt, are ostracised by the men of the house. Everyone goes through struggle in their life. But if you have the help of your people, family members and loved ones, the ride becomes a bit relaxed and joyous. I wish that all the men support their women as much as my husband did. And that’s how it should be.”

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