Bras are overrated. Here’s why

history of bra, wear a bra

Try to think of how amazing it feels to take off your bra after a long tiring day – and now think of why you don’t let yourself feel that way all the time.

The science is increasingly pointing towards bras being unnecessary. All the known “benefits” of bras are turning out to be purely aesthetic or modesty-related… Even the worries about “sagging” are, it turns out, unfounded. Your breasts do not sag. Your body develops the ability to support them just fine once you rid it of the training wheels.

In fact, while bras seem to have no health benefits, they do come with health risks. It turns out most women wear wrongly sized bras, and wearing wrongly sized bras can be damaging to our necks and chests and backs.

So why exactly do we keep locking ourselves and our daughters in these painful, exorbitant, backache-inducing, wire-locked boob prisons?

Why are women’s nipples censored online and offline both while shirtless male bodies are on display everywhere? Why are women’s bodies wrapped in wires to meet a weird adolescent beauty standard? And why are women ourselves ok with it?

“Bra-burning feminist” has been used as an insult against outspoken women for decades but… do any good reasons exist not to burn our dependence on bras?

If you’re trying to decide how to feel about the bra, this episode is for you – we spoke to bra-wearers, “burners” and aspiring burners on how to make this choice. And they had a lot to get off their chests.

If you don’t want to wear a bra, do it without shame. if you DO decide to wear it, buy it and show it off without shame too.

Much like makeup, shaving and pretty much all the shenanigans we get up to for aesthetics – remember –  the feminist stance on any gender-specific norms will always be to help society evolve past it completely. But that’ll be a slow process and we’ll each have our own journeys to pull up to where the rest of the sisterhood is at.

history of bra, wear a bra