Important Questions to ask a Gynaecologist about Breasts

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We never hesitate to visit our regular doctors, but why are we so hesitant to visit a gynaecologist? Why do we women prefer to swallow our bodily problems instead of just visiting the expert? It is our society which somehow makes us feel guilty for doing or asking things that are ‘inappropriate’. Dr. Tanaya Narendra in partnership with SheThePeople is here to address questions you might be too afraid to ask. Let us delve right into it: 

When Is The Right Time To Go To A Gynaecologist For The First Time? 

If you have any complaint of any sort, you will definitely get your first time to visit a gynaecologist. You must make sure to pay a visit if you are suffering from severe pain during your periods, breast pain, lumps on your breasts, etc. Some women might also visit their gynaec before they become sexually active and after that too. But what if you are not sexually active and you have no complaints? Well, Dr. Tanaya recommends seeing your gynaec after you turn 21.

You can come for yearly check-ups to see if your hormones are alright and that you are getting the right multivitamins for your body. Besides that, sexually active women should get pap smears regularly every three years. Don’t worry, you don’t need to see your gynaec everyday unless it’s really really urgent. 

How Do I Prepare Myself For Going To A Gynaecologist? Do I Need To Wax Or Shave Down There?

That’s quite a valid question as we tend to feel quite insecure about ourselves. Everyone becomes over- conscious when it comes to their private parts. But don’t worry, Dr. Tanaya is here to assure you. She says that gynaecs don’t really care to if you’ve got a nasty bush growing down there or not.

“We see vulvas and vaginas every single day, so you don’t need to bother about shaving your pubes. You don’t need to shave to shave your legs, you don’t need to do anything,” says Dr. Tanaya. 

The only thing that your gynaecologist wants from you is hygiene. So make sure to take a nice shower and clean yourself down there before your visiting your gynaec. 

Is It Okay If I Have Hair On My Boobs? 

Oh yes, definitely! Don’t go about shaming yourself over having hair on your boobs and your nipples. All of us are born with body hair, and we have them all over our bodies including the breasts. So don’t let that worry you one bit. 

Is It Okay If My Boobs Are Sagging A Lot? 

Boobs come in all shapes and sizes. They can be circular, perky, droopy, saggy, oval, round, and so on. Your breasts don’t have to look like the ones showcased on the big screen or in pornographic content. None of us look as perfect as the women showcased in porn. In the words of Dr. Tanaya: 

My Breasts : The only representation of breasts that we see in the media are perfectly plum, juicy, perky, uplifted, small, or medium-sized breasts. Surely, there is a lot more to this. 

It is recommended to self-examine your breasts breasts every month. Here are some questions to ask.

  1. What If There Is A Lump On My Breasts? 
  2. Why is one breast bigger than the other?
  3. Why are my breasts sagging?
  4. Is it normal for my breasts to itch sometimes? 

So many more questions to ask. Here they are below.