Six Situations When Women Are Stereotyped For While Men Are Celebrated

It's a man's world and everything in life is arranged to their advantage. We all are quite familiar with the age-old double standards of Indian society when it comes to women.

Devanshi Batra
Mar 11, 2022 13:43 IST
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Are women and men still considered equal? Even if they are, are they? We all are quite familiar with the age-old double standards of Indian society. Here, patriarchy establishes rules and everyone is expected to adhere to those conventions.

Women questioning or raising their voices are simply claimed as 'bad women'. It's time we bash these double standards.

Here Are Six Things Women Are Stereotyped For While Men Are Celebrated-

'He Is An Ambitious Man' Vs She Is Too Ambitious For A Woman

Everyone wants a strong woman until she stands up for herself and voices what she wants. A career-oriented woman is apparently 'the bad woman' as she is too selfish to think of herself. Any woman thinking of her career and taking steps to move towards a successful one suddenly becomes 'too ambitious'. But ever heard someone say 'too ambitious for a man'? When men think of their careers they are celebrated. The fact that they are the 'established' providers of the family highlights the inequality. So, ambition is not for women if they are being ambitious they are just being difficult!

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Three girls? He's a Stud Vs Three boys? She Is A Slut!


A guy having multiple love or physical relationships is claimed as the cool but if a woman is involved in two relationships or affairs at a time, she becomes the 'slut'.  She is shamed and her character is judged. She is a characterless woman. But what about the man? He can sleep with as many women as he wants and openly boast about it and still won't be termed as characterless? The grave difference is so unfortunate!

He Is An Amazing Dad Vs She Is Just Doing Her Duty

Does your husband take you to all your doctor's appointments? Wow, he is a great husband. He cooks for the children. He drops the children to school. He changes the nappies and even feeds the baby! HE IS AN AMAZING DAD. Men are celebrated for doing the bare minimum. While on the other hand ever heard a woman being appreciated for feeding the baby or cooking for the children. No! because it is assumed to be her duty. This type of stereotyping is quite problematic. She is 'supposed' to do this as it's her responsibility as a mother. But what about the father? It's his baby too so shouldn't he be equally responsible?

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He is Taking A Stand Vs She Is Just Overreacting

Women are supposed to be soft and submissive. They are expected to be passive listeners and not react. And when they do speak up for themselves, it is considered that 'She is overreacting' or 'She is too outspoken'. But when a man takes a stand for himself he is heralded as the hero and a person with self-respect. Each of his reactions is justified under the gender umbrella. The amount of male privilege is huge.


He Is A Powerful Boss Vs She Is Too Bossy

Women bosses are perceived differently from men. They are seen and treated differently because of the pre-conceived notion that the top position belongs to a man and she doesn't fit there. Listening to the word CEO, people will often address the person as 'sir' as if a 'madam' could not be at a position that high. Female bosses running a tight ship is not taken as simply as from a male boss. They tend to think 'She is being too bossy' or 'She is trying to act like a male boss'.

It's high time we break these double standards in the face of society. The hypocritical and patriarchal narratives need to be changed and women should be as much celebrated as men for doing the same affairs. It's time we turn to man's world into a world for all!

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