This Women’s Day Let’s Beat All Of These Double Standards In Indian Society

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It’s the 21st century yet we can’t seem to get over the age-old double standards in Indian society. It’s high time that we stop discriminating between men and women. Let’s stop trying to put women into “their place” and establish that men have the right to govern their lives and their bodies. Its time to challenge patriarchy which expects men to man up and considers women as the weaker gender. This women’s day, let’s bash the double standards.

Dear Indian society, it’s high time you start accepting that I can be a powerful and independent woman without having a man in my life to provide for me. I am just as capable to fulfill my aspirations. I do not need your unsolicited advice about the kind of clothes that I wear or the shade of my lipstick. It, most certainly, does not determine my character. Dear Indian society let a man cry, vent, and feel emotions because he is a human being too. Liking pink or wearing nail paints does not make him effeminate. His choices do not speak for his sexual preferences. Please stop stereotyping already!

Change is what starts within. So it’s high time we stop people from advocating hypocritical notions around gender and cancel the gender rules.

So, Let’s beat these Double Standards In Indian Society –

My clothes do not make my “character”

Whether a backless, a short skirt, or even a crop top. What I wear does not speak for the kind of person I am. How is a 6-inch gap between blouse and saree acceptable and not between a crop top and jeans?

Double standards of society

Women shamed for wearing crop top.

Normalise crying as a way of expressing emotions

Being a man, you are taught to advocate all kinds of toxic masculine paradigms: Stop crying like a girl, stay strong like a “man”, you cry like a girl, and so on… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Do you need a “man” in the house?

Being a “man” of the house does not mean dominating your partner or abusing and harassing them. Remember that housework is not gender specific either.

Cooking is a Life Skill

Why do only women need to learn cooking? Cooking is one of the basic life skills which should be taught to everyone irrespective of their gender. Let’s snap out of this hypocrisy already!

A woman’s life is finished once she is divorced

Why should a woman’s life revolve around the man in her life? Women, these days, are rising way above men in so many sectors that we’ve lost count and they are more than capable of raising a family all on their own.

You are not a man if you cannot grow a beard.

Have you called or seen your friends referring to the one person in your group as ‘Chikkna’. Yeah, stop that now. It’s problematic on so many levels!

Women deserve freedom, but within limits.

Everyone deserves equal freedom. 

Women cannot drive.

Driving has nothing to do with one’s gender. A woman can surely drive just as well as a man.

Men who are macho or muscular are more attractive.

Men who are caring, compassionate and considerate of their partner’s feelings are more attractive. Period.

What are the other double standards in Indian society that you have encountered? Tell us in the comments.

Views expressed by the author are their own.