G20 Declaration: Enhance Women-Led Role In Climate Action

The G20 nations, pledged to enhance women's participation in climate action and gender equality, focusing on leadership roles, digital gender equity, and inclusive agriculture and food systems to combat climate change and promote women's empowerment

Harnur Watta
Sep 12, 2023 09:53 IST

A delegate walks past a display of flags of participating countries at the venue of the G-20 financial conclave on the outskirts of Bengaluru, India, Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023 | (AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi)

In a significant development on September 9, the G20 nations came together to address the pressing issues of climate change mitigation, adaptation, and gender equality. The G20 declaration, adopted during this pivotal meeting, highlights the commitment to increasing women's participation and leadership in climate change efforts while advocating for gender-responsive solutions to bolster resilience against climate change impacts.

The G20 declaration recognised the disproportionate impact of climate change on women and girls worldwide and resolved to expedite climate action with a strong focus on gender equality.

The document explicitly states,

"To this end, we will support and increase women’s participation, partnership, decision-making, and leadership in climate change mitigation and adaptation, and disaster risk reduction strategies and policy frameworks on environmental issues, support gender-responsive and environment-resilient solutions, including water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions, to build resilience to the impact of climate change and environmental degradation."


Establishment of a New Working Group

Additionally, the G20 nations agreed to establish a new Working Group on Empowerment of Women, aimed at further empowering women and promoting gender equality

The inaugural meeting of this working group is set to take place during the Brazilian G20 Presidency.


The declaration outlines a comprehensive plan to translate these commitments into tangible actions. 

This includes bridging the gender gap in the labour force, promoting STEM education for girls, advancing women's roles in the workforce, strengthening social protection, eliminating gender-based violence, promoting financial inclusion, challenging gender stereotypes, and narrowing the digital gender divide.

Ambitious Goals for Gender Equality


Moreover, the G20 leaders have set an ambitious goal of halving the digital gender gap by 2030, underscoring the significance of gender-responsive policies in the digital economy. 

The declaration also emphasised the importance of addressing risks associated with increased digitisation, including online and offline abuse. 

Nations are encouraged to adopt safety-by-design approaches in digital tools and technologies.


Recognising the critical issue of women's food security and nutrition, the G20 committed to encouraging investments in inclusive, sustainable, and resilient agriculture and food systems.

The declaration also pledged support for gender-responsive and age-sensitive nutrition and food system interventions through innovative financing instruments and social protection systems to combat hunger and malnutrition.

The G20 nations have taken a substantial step toward a more inclusive and equitable future by prioritising women's involvement in climate action and promoting gender equality across various sectors. 


These commitments reflect a shared vision of a world where women are empowered to contribute fully to society, tackle climate challenges, and build a better future for all.

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