Together, Women Can Dismantle Systemic Patriarchy: Shaili Chopra

The Power of Women Conference is a global platform promoting gender equality. Shaili Chopra's talk at the conference explores the 'Sisterhood Economy,' advocating women's empowerment and emphasising collective efforts for change.

Harnur Watta
Sep 11, 2023 09:50 IST
Shaili Chopra at Power Of Women Conference

The Power of Women Conference, a global platform open to individuals of all genders and ages, is a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change. 

In a world marked by unprecedented challenges and opportunities, the imperative of fostering gender equality and empowering women cannot be overstated. The Power of Women Conference, a global platform open to individuals of all genders and ages, serves as a conversation starter for change. 

It brings together those who deeply care about the state of the world, recognize the urgent need to implement recommended solutions, and actively participate in shaping a more equitable future. 

The objective is clear—to unite diverse perspectives and create a harmonious collective, working towards a shared mission for humanity. 

The conference's agenda was nothing short of impressive, offering a diverse range of activities and discussions that underscore the significance of women's empowerment and gender equality:


A Conversation With Shaili Chopra: The Sisterhood Economy

During the Power of Women Conference, a fascinating conversation took place with Shaili Chopra, the very founder of She the People

The conversation delved into the concept of the "Sisterhood Economy" and its profound implications. 


In her own words, Chopra passionately shared her insights:

"You know India's constitution's preamble begins with the three powerful words, we the people, and I would ask myself that how can we have we the people succeed without the power of she the people. A country of 1.4 billion people, 50% are women. By that logic we should have 50% of the opportunity, 50% of the vote, 50% of the voice, but we don't..."

Chopra's words echoed a sentiment shared by women around the world. 


The interview explored the idea that women are not merely a number; they are a force to be reckoned with. 

It questioned the barriers that hold women back from accessing opportunities and turning them into economic progress. 

The concept of women supporting each other, empowering one another to follow their dreams, and collectively dismantling the systemic issues of patriarchy resonated strongly.


The notion of the Sisterhood Economy is not limited to India; it's a global movement. 

Chopra highlighted how even in the most developed nations, the struggle for gender equality persists. 

The interview emphasised the need to change cultural narratives, reverse stereotypes, and promote the idea that women can carry half of the sky on their strong shoulders.


In the media, the Sisterhood Economy can be portrayed positively by giving women the spotlight they deserve.

Chopra discussed the importance of showcasing women's achievements, success stories, and their significant roles in various fields. 

Covering stories of women breaking barriers


She recognised the power of perception and how the media can influence it. SheThePeople, with its extensive reach, aims to shift the narrative and focus on stories of women breaking barriers, creating profitable businesses, and making a difference in the world.

Chopra's message was clear—women need not wait for others to empower them. 

They must stand up, change the narrative, and support one another. 

It's a call for both men and women to be champions of gender equality and work towards an equal world.

The Power of Women Conference and Shaili Chopra's interview exemplify the importance of collective efforts in achieving gender equality. 

This platform celebrates women's voices, highlights their achievements, and advocates for a world where women are recognised as a force capable of shaping a more equitable future. 

The Sisterhood Economy is not just an idea; it's a movement that is gaining momentum globally, and it's one that holds the promise of a brighter and more equal future for all.

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