Beware Trolls - Zeenat Aman Jots Down 'Rules Of Engagement'

"No pitting women against each other in the comment section": Zeenat Aman who made her Instagram debut earlier this year, shared a list of rules with her Instagram followers

Kalyani Ganesan
Jul 25, 2023 19:17 IST
Zeenat Aman Warns Trolls

Image Credits: Zeenat Aman via Instagram

Ever since Zeenat Aman made her Instagram debut earlier this year, she’s been active on the social media platform. The seasoned actor has been setting life goals and has been an inspiration to women of all ages. On Tuesday, she shared a list of rules with her Instagram followers.

The veteran actor shared some photos of herself enjoying the monsoon weather. In the post, she jotted down a list of rules for her followers. She called them the "rules of engagement" on social media platforms.

Zeenat Aman Warns Trolls

One of the most important pointers on the list was "no abuse of heated arguments or pitting women against each other in the comment section."


In the series of three photos, the first one features her smiling and looking at the ground. The second one is a full-sized photo of her holding a bamboo stick in her hand. The last picture shows her looking up while standing in the garden. Zeenat Aman was dressed in a green skirt and a dark blue floral raincoat.

Sharing the pictures, the actor shared the "rules of engagement" in the caption. "Frolicking in the rain and thinking about us! she wrote.

The Hare Rama Hare Krishna actor said that if fans wished to continue this relationship on Instagram, she had to lay down her "rules of engagement."


She explained that she had learned that every healthy relationship required boundaries as she jotted down hers. "Thou shall not spew abuse, be rude, or gossip in the comments or messages. Thou shall not pit women against one another," wrote the actor, adding that tearing down someone else wasn’t a compliment to her.

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Further, she added that people should refrain from spamming and sending forwards. She asked that people don’t tag her in irrelevant, unrelated, and unsolicited stories or posts, saying that it’s an annoying habit that doesn’t do any favours.

She also mentioned that people don’t engage in inane and heated arguments on her page, stating that such people could come across as utter fools when they do so.


She asked that people quote her truly without twisting hers, as she had noticed online portals that don’t even copy and paste her captions correctly.

Zeenat Aman continued, saying that while she did welcome different opinions, personal stories, respectful comments, and questions, she stated that she didn’t have the patience for trolls. She said she wouldn’t mind blocking such people. She wrote that she understood that many people struggle with social media, as the internet can be a venomous, controversial, and obsessive space.

She concluded by saying that she doesn’t wish to venture down that path or send people there. Hence, she asked that people adhere to her commandments so that everyone could be happy together. stating that was the end of today’s lunchtime lecture, she asked people to comment on the online hygiene and etiquette tips they follow.

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