"They Hold No Merit" Zeenat Aman Recalls Hate, False Comments

In another candid post, Zeenat Aman expressed her unwavering resolve to face challenges gracefully, knowing that being a public figure comes with such consequences.

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Veteran actor Zeenat Aman recently took to Instagram to address the false statements and gossip surrounding her throughout her illustrious career. In her candid post, she expressed her unwavering resolve to face these challenges gracefully, knowing that being a public figure has such consequences. The heartening response to her words included appreciation from fellow actor Kajol.

In her recent Instagram post, Zeenat Aman discussed the peculiar nature of public perception of famous individuals. She highlighted how being a celebrity leads to strangers assuming they possess an intimate understanding of the person's character and life journey. Moreover, she pointed out the double standards that exist, with people feeling entitled to gossip and pass judgements, even though they would be outraged if subjected to similar scrutiny.

Aman wrote, “Public perception is a funny thing. When you are famous, complete strangers imagine that they have an intimate knowledge of your character and life story. Many also feel entitled to the sort of gossip and judgement that would elicit their own moral outrage were the tables turned.”

Zeenat Aman Take On Cruel Statements

Recalling the false narratives and hate speeches against her, the actor, Aman, mentioned that in her 50 years in Hindi cinema, she has read and heard enough falsehoods and cruel statements about herself to fill a book. However, she does not incline to list and counter each one of these because they simply "do not merit" so much of her attention.


Regarding the common response to such situations, she asserted that people often say that if you choose to be in the public eye, then deal with the gossip. To which her reply is, "Yes, I have and will continue to deal with it." However, the actor went on to write that she will also not hesitate to say that spreading loose gossip and false information says much more about the speaker than the one who is spoken about!

After sharing her thoughts, Aman signed out with a light-hearted remark, "Alright, that's enough lunchtime lecturing for the week! I truly appreciate all of you who enjoy my Instagram handle and share such kind and thoughtful messages and comments with me. I'm unable to reply to them all, but I do read them. Have a lovely week, everyone!" In response to Aman's post, Kajol praised her by simply saying, "Facts!"

Aman has gained a reputation for being candid and unreserved on social media. Whether discussing her films, addressing rumours, or expressing her thoughts on various matters, she has carved out a unique space for herself on the photo-sharing app

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