Clear Your Schedule For Eight Much Anticipated Web Series Releasing In July 2022

Virgin River New Season Release Date, Virgin River Season 4 Trailer
Well, we have reached halfway through 2022 and what a year has it been! Such kick-ass entertainers have made their way to our screens. Web series releasing in July 2022 list is out now, gear up for a month full of drama, action, thrill, suspense and romance with these much-anticipated shows. From popular sequels to ambitious newcomers, the OTT is prepared for a grand July.

June gave us many great movies and web series on the digital platform that kept us away from boredom. But 2022 has many great shows up its sleeve that are waiting to come out.  Get ready for the release of these much-anticipated series across all OTT platforms from your favourite stars and genres.

8 Web Series Releasing In July 2022

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2

Stranger Things will be back with its final two episodes of season 4 in volume 2, both 1 hour 25 minutes and 2 hours 30 minutes long respectively. The episodes release on July 1 and will continue with the Vecna reveal cliffhanger it dropped in the last episode of volume 1. The episodes are expected to bring a grand end to the season.

King Of Stonks

This German Netflix series is based on a true scam case with Matthias Brandt, Nino Porzio, Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht and Rouven David Israel in important roles. The show that premieres on July 6 is about the ambitions and power greed of a finance mastermind who decides to do anything to take his company to the top.

Virgin River Season 4

Mel and Jack will be back on July 6 on Netflix with a new set of challenges as the two embrace parenthood as Mel was revealed to be pregnant last season. As her long-wished dream of having a baby comes true, Mel is hopeful and optimistic despite the fact that she still doesn’t know whose child it is but Jack seems to have cold feet because of the baby coming.

Boo, Bitch

To All The Boys‘ Lana Condor is back with another supernatural teen comedy series on Netflix along with Tenzing Norgay Trainor, Jason Genao and Zoe Margaret Colletti. Coming on July 8, the show features the life of a high school student who wants to live these years to the fullest but ends up dying. Now a ghost, she still embarks on her unfulfilled wish of having a popular high school afterlife.

The Terminal List

Coming on July 1, this action thriller features the life of James Reece who comes back home after struggling with the ambush of his Navy SEAL platoon. However, back home he encounters dark forces that are after him and the lives of his loved ones. Starring Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu and Riley Keough in pivotal roles, the show follows James’ journey to fight for the safety of his people.

Resident Evil

Starring Ahad Raza Mir, Lance Reddick, Ella Balinska and Paola Nunez in pivotal roles, this show features a troubled Jade Wesker who is haunted by the trauma of her past, her father and the tragedy with her sister. Dealing with all this, she has to struggle to survive in a world dealing with the after-effects of a deadly virus outbreak 14 years ago.

Remarriage And Desire

This Korean drama coming on July 15 is a satire on the societal stigma and desires around remarriage in Korea. The Netflix show starring Lee Hyun-Wook, Jeong Eu-Gene, Park Hoon and Kim Hee-Sun focuses on upper-class marriages taking place through a marriage information company and a middle-class woman’s desire for revenge.

Black Bird

Releasing on July 8, this upcoming Apple TV web show is said to be based on the true story of a notorious drug dealer named James Keene. The show stars Paul Walter Hauser, Taron Egerton, Ray Liotta and Sepideh Moafi in pivotal roles and is about a drug dealer serving his time in prison who is offered freedom in exchange for getting a suspected serial killer to commit his crime and telling the location of where he buried the victims.

Trying Season 3

This Apple TV comedy series starring Esther Smith, Rafe Spall, Andy Wolton and Robyn Cara in important roles is about the struggles that a couple goes through while trying to conceive. Their wish to have a baby takes them to try adoption but that too comes with challenges. Season 3 premiers on July 22 and contains eight episodes focusing on the couple’s newly attained parenthood.

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