Priyamani's Marriage With Mustafa Raj Illegal? 10 Things We Know

Mustafa Raj has denied the charges levied against him by his first wife, calling them "false".

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Priyamani And Mustafa Raj Love Story
Priyamani marriage with Mustafa Raj illegal? Popular Southern actor Priyamani is in legal trouble because of her husband's first marriage. Priyamani married Mustafa Raj since 2017. Recently, Raj's first wife Ayesha registered a criminal case against him and Priyamani, claiming that she is still married to him. Mustafa Raj and Ayesha separated in 2013, following which he married Priyamani in 2017.

Ayesha's criminal complaint alleges that Raj is not legally separated from her, thus terming his and Priyamani's marriage "illegal". Apart from this, Ayesha has also filed a case of domestic violence against Raj, with whom she has two children. Meanwhile, Raj, a businessman and model, has denied all the charges levied against him, saying that this is an attempt at extortion as he is providing child support.

 Here are ten things to know about the Ayesha's case against Priyamani and Mustafa Raj:

1. Raj’s first wife Ayesha has challenged Priyamani and his marriage with a legal notice, alleging that he never got legally divorced from her, hence his second marriage is invalid.

2.  Ayesha went on to claim that they have not even filed for divorce and while marrying Priyamani, he declared in the court that he was a bachelor.

3. In response, Raj denied Ayesha's allegation and said the charges against him are "false". He said he has been paying maintenance to Ayesha regularly and that she is simply trying to "extort money from me."

4. According to Mustafa Raj, he and Ayesha were living separately since 2010 and that they got divorced in 2013.


5. Since he got married to Priyamani 2017, Raj went on ask why was Ayesha quiet for so long and didn't press the charges sooner.

6. In reply, Ayesha further noted that as a mother of two children, and had tried to sort the matter out amicably.

7. Reportedly, aside from registering a criminal case against the couple, Ayesha has also filed a case of domestic violence against Raj.

8. Advocate Purnima Bhatia, who represents Raj in the case revealed that the cases in question are pending in Magistrate Courts.

9. Priyamani, who is a cousin of actor Vidya Balan, became famous in Bollywood after appearing in hit web-series The Family Man, with Manoj Bajpayee.

10. In a recent interview, she had called Raj her lucky charm and praised her "wonderful partner" for supporting her professionally. More here.


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