From Puneet Kaur To Poonam Pandey, Women Who Spoke Up In Raj Kundra Case

Celebrities On Raj Kundra, who is Puneet Kaur, Puneet Kaur
Celebrities On Raj Kundra Case: The Mumbai Police arrested businessman Raj Kundra, husband of actor and entrepreneur Shilpa Shetty, on Monday in connection with production of alleged pornographic content. Many celebrities, including Kangana Ranaut and Poonam Pandey, spoke out about his arrest after the news broke out.

Raj Kundra was arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch for allegedly producing pornographic content. On Tuesday, he appeared before the 37th metropolitan magistrate and was remanded in detention until July 23. Raj Kundra was allegedly involved in the online streaming of pornographic videos according to the authorities.

Here is how female celebrities reacted to Raj Kundra’s arrest.

Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey filed a criminal complaint against Raj Kundra earlier this year. She said that his company used to manage her app and that even after the contract was terminated, they continued to put her photos and videos on it. Poonam issued a formal statement when the businessman was arrested, stating, “At this time, my heart goes out to Shilpa Shetty and her children”. Further, Pandey added that she would not use this occasion to draw attention to her trauma, referring to her complaint against the accused. Poonam also expressed faith in the state police as well as the judiciary. 

Gehana Vasisth

Gehana Vasisth, who is known for her appearance in the web series Gandii Baat, has spoken out in favour of Raj and discussed the content they created together. Gehana, is out on parole in connection with the same case. After an inquiry into a case involving the production and distribution of pornographic content via mobile apps, the actor was arrested along with eight others by Mumbai police.

She appealed to her fans and followers to “not connect bold and provocative cinema with porn”. Vasisth recorded a video where she shared how Raj Kundra and her were arrested in the same case, and were undergoing investigation for their involvement. She stated that she was familiar with the work produced by Kundra’s company. “He never had me do anything I didn’t want to do, and I got paid according to the work I did,” Vasisth said..

Kangana Ranaut 

Kangana Ranaut, reacted to Raj’s detention on her Instagram story. “This is why I call the movie industry a gutter… all that glitter is not gold,” wrote Kangana, while threatening to expose the underbelly of Bollywood in her upcoming production called Tiku weds Sheru. 

The Queen actor also added that there is a need for a strong value system and conscience, as well as a whip in the film industry. The actor is presently filming in Budapest for the film Dhaakad.

Puneet Kaur

Puneet Kaur, a popular YouTuber, rushed to Instagram to reveal excerpts of news articles from the case, writing, “Do you guys remember our verified DM video where he asked for hotshots from me?!?” She continued, ” “I’m not sure what this guy was doing to entice folks – we believed it was spam when he sent that DM to me!? Man, let him rot in prison.”

Puneet Kaur Instagram

Puneet Kaur Instagram

Sagarika Shona Suman

This arrest comes almost six months after an actor-model named Sagarika Shona Suman, filed an FIR (February 2021). Following his arrest, an undated interview with Sagarika has surfaced, wherein the model is making allegations against Kundra, stating that he asked her to send a nude audition. “I want that if he is involved in such things, he is arrested and such a racket is exposed,” stated Suman.

Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra gave a statement to the Maharashtra Police’s Cyber Crime division in the pornographic case earlier this year, for which Raj Kundra has now been detained in custody. Sherlyn reportedly stated in her testimony that Raj Kundra pushed her into the adult industry.