6 Times Pankaj Tripathi Proved That He Is A Feminist Man

"My life is a testament to the feisty women around me" - Six times Pankaj Tripathi gave us feminist goals.

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On SheThePeople meet Pankaj Tripathi Feminist Husband, Dad, Actor and more. Tripathi is best known for portraying realistic and versatile characters on screen. In this article, meet his many feminist avatars.

Be it a progressive father in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl or Sattu Bhaiya in Ludo, the actor never fails to amaze us with his performance. He has time and again won our hearts with his incredible acting skills. While most of us might be acquainted with the actor Pankaj Tripathi, how many of us are familiar with the feminist Pankaj Tripathi? Yes, the actor has always stood up for women and given us feminist goals. Here are six times we got to see the feminist side of this much loved actor. Pankaj Tripathi feminist

1. Views on women keeping quiet during a trauma

"It's unknown to me why women keep quiet when they go through trauma in personal life. They are tight-lipped when asked to share their problems. I don't really know how to decode this, but somehow this (problem) still exists in our society. Even if we stay in liberal urban cities, there still are few sections of society where women are not vocal about their problems," he said in an interview with National Herald about women accepting personal trauma and assault.

2. Choice of feminist roles

Tripathi played the role of a feminist father Anuj Saxena in Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil GirlHe encourages his daughter to follow her dream to become a pilot despite the societal barriers. Similarly, in Bareilly Ki Barfi, he plays the role of a father who never raises questions about the choices his daughter makes. In the web series Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors, he portrays the character of a lawyer Madhav Mishra. Mishra fights the case of Anu Chandra, a woman arrested for killing her husband and tries to find out the actual reason as to why she committed the crime.

3. Belief in an equal marriage


In an interview with SheThePeople, the feminist Pankaj Tripathi said that taking financial help from one's wife is not a big deal. He has opened up about the same in his previous interviews too. In the years of his struggle, he would stay back at home to cook while his wife would take up the role of the "provider". He uses the platform he has to talk about the contribution of his wife in his success. He believes that in this way he can reach a greater audience.

4. "My life is a testament to the feisty women around me"

"My life is a testament to the feisty women around me, starting from my mother to my wife and my daughter. They not only enrich my existence but they make me want to be a better person," Pankaj Tripathi said to The New Indian Express. He added that he chooses his characters and stories with great precision. Talking about his role as Gunjan's father in the movie Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, he said that Gunjan could dream because she had a feminist father. "She could dream fearlessly because she was given that impetus at home from a father who harped again and again on gender equality. Pilot is a gender neutral term he says. He chides her when she wants to give up. The message is very clear that no one should be told that their dream is too big, too unrealistic, too much."

On SheThePeople meet Pankaj Tripathi Feminist Husband, Dad, Actor and more

5. Relationship with his daughter


Tripathi shares a great bond with his daughter. They are frank with each other. Their relationship is pretty much common to the tie between Narottam and Bitti as seen in Bareilly Ki Bafi. They are both avid readers and do not hesitate to discuss anything with each other. Pankaj Tripathi's wife, Mridula told SheThePeople that she always says that every daughter should have a father like him.

6. Perspective on gender equality

The feminist Pankaj Tripathi believes that it is more important to raise our sons well. If we do that, we won't need to save our daughters. Watch him talk about it here:

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