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Interview with Pankaj Tripathi and Mridula Tripathi: An actor who accepted on several public forums that while he struggled to find his feet in the industry it was his wife Mridula Tripathi who remained the breadwinner. In a free-wheeling chat with SheThePeople, the couple speaks about love, life, breaking stereotypes, father-daughter relationship and much more.

Today, the name Pankaj Tripathi is enough for us to binge-watch a show or a movie. However, the actor has had a long and arduous journey to reach where he is today, and not just in his choice of roles. Along with his wife, Tripathi has endeavoured to break the mould in real life too.

Here is a snippet on why he never shies away from acknowledging his wife’s efforts in making his career take off:

The actor confesses, that he fails to understand why it should be a big deal to accept that your wife was the breadwinner. He says, perhaps it has always been done, but there was no way for the earlier generations to talk about it. Pankaj Tripathi acknowledges that his profession gives him the chance to reach out to audiences therefore helping his thoughts reach a wider audience. And he has only utilised the opportunity he has been bestowed upon by acknowledging his wife’s contribution.

He asks, “What I said was the truth, why should anybody hesitate from admitting a truth, whether it’s on national TV or any public forum? And why should people praise you so much for admitting what is the truth?”

Pankaj Tripathi and Mridula Tripathi; Watch our conversation with the couple here:

Mridula Tripathi on the other hand agrees that “in a male-dominated society it rarely happens that a man would admit his wife ‘earned’ while he was struggling to establish his career.” She adds, “women are known to do the work but they are never acknowledged. That one sentence of acknowledgement makes me my family and my daughter so happy.”

What I said was the truth, why should anybody hesitate from admitting a truth, whether it’s on a national TV or any public forum? -Pankaj Tripathi

She added, “that if I was earning the money, he was making sure that there was food on the table to eat. He was looking after all the household work. We were two bicycle wheels both balancing each other out.” She goes on to say, “it is one sentence that makes every female very happy.”

For the uninitiated in 2018, Pankaj Tripathi had  said, “My wife Mridula and I survived on her income in Mumbai. She was a qualified school teacher and she got a job in Mumbai while I did what all out-of-town actors in Mumbai do… Struggle. My first major role was in Dharm in 2007 where I got to work with my namesake, the great Pankaj Kapur.”