What Did Ayushmann Khurrana Once Consume For Proteins? Tahira Kashyap's Breast Milk

She explained how Ayushmann was relaxing in the bedroom drinking his protein shake which was actually her breast milk.

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Ayushmann Khurrana breast milk: Writer-filmmaker Tahira Kashyap in an interview with TOI talked about her journey with her first born. She revealed that she had postpartum depression at that time and was struggling to connect with her baby.

Tahira says, “When the baby came out after 12 hours of intense labour, the doctor was just looking at me like, ‘Yeh lo apna bachcha.’ And I refused to open my arms. All those feelings that I had read about in the books, also heard from my mother and grandmother, all the tales of mother’s love, kuch aaya hi nahi. And I just didn’t want to be pretentious about it.”

She said that she just wriggled her nose against his and asked the doctor to take the baby to the rest of the family members.

She talked about another incident when the couple had gone for a mini honeymoon in Bangkok. At that time, Tahira was pumping breast milk for her infant son which he could consume later. However, she was shocked to find both the bottles empty.

Ayushmann had mixed her breast milk in his protein shake and consumed it.

She explained in the interview how Ayushmann was relaxing in the bedroom drinking his protein shake. When Tahira enquired about the missing breast milk, he smirked and wiped his milk moustache. He tried to explain her that the milk had the perfect temperature, was highly nutritious and blended perfectly with his protein shake.

Post the incident, she started hiding her milk bottles from him.


“My boy (Ayushmann) was already living up to his promise of making this trip memorable! Now each time I had to express during the trip, I hid the bottle from the gym-going, protein shake-drinking, breast milk-stealing freak,” she wrote.

In another interview, Tahira Kashyap talked about parenting and said that a good parent should have a strong and grounded character. According to her, if you want your children to do something, a secret here is to do it yourself and your little monkeys will follow.

She has also revealed frequently that both her children were unplanned but she always decided to go ahead with the babies. Tahira also gives credit of her style of motherhood to her parents and the kind of upbringing she was given. Read more about her thoughts on motherhood.

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