‘Don’t Touch Me’, Aahana Kumra Schools Fan Who Grabbed Her Waist

Aahana Kumra Yells At Fan Who Crossed The Line And Misbehaved
Aahana Kumra, an actor best known for the flicks Lipstick Under My Burkha, Inside Edge, and Rangbaaz, was recently spotted at an event where she was posing for the photographers. A video of the actor schooling a fan after he grabbed her waist while taking a selfie has gone viral. The actor can be heard saying, “Don’t touch me” before she moves away.

At an event in Mumbai on Saturday, Kumra was posing for the camera when a fan grabbed her arm and touched her about her waist while taking a selfie. The actor lost her cool when the fan touched her and intruded into her personal space. She got uncomfortable and said, “Don’t touch me”.  Without saying anything further, she also quickly exited the area.

While the actor opted for a rapid response to the inappropriate behaviour, the footage also reveals that the person apologised after a few moments. The video went viral on social media and created a lot of buzz.

Aahana Kumra Yells At Fan Who Crossed The Line

Reacting to the viral video on Sunday, Aahana Kumra shared a selfie on social media and made an indirect reference to the incident. She posted a mysterious response to the incident as she posted a photo of herself in a bikini with the caption “Look but don’t touch.”

The actor also recently spoke about the incident and said that due to celebrities being public figures, the “lines get blurred”. Kumra said that while fans feel like they know celebrities personally, a boundary has to be maintained.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mark the first time fans have invaded a celebrity’s personal space or acted inappropriately with them at public spaces and events.

Before Kumra, many actors had also previously experienced improper public behaviour. While Bollywood celebrities are well-known for having a large fan base, occasionally some too-enthusiastic fans cross the line and cause horrific occurrences that leave their favourite stars uncomfortable.

These admirers overlook the fact that the celebrities they watch on television and in films are also humans and have some boundaries as well. Just as we don’t touch a normal human being without their permission or consent, celebrities should be treated the same way. The comment section of the recent viral video says the same, where many users wrote how sometimes fans misjudge celebrities’ boundaries and make them uncomfortable.

Feature Image Credit: @varindertchawla/ Instagram

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