Why Do We Forget That Celebrities Get Affected By Hate Similarly As Others?

Rashmika Mandanna On Reciving Hate
Rashmika Mandanna penned a post on her social media yesterday about receiving hate and how it has affected her. Mental health is not talked about enough, especially in this growing state of fandom.

Having influence and following in huge numbers is not restricted to silver-screen celebrities only. Social media has generated a whole new generation of influencers and brought mega-celebrities even closer to their fans. The downside of it is receiving more hate on a daily basis, sometimes the hatred spills over the admiration and love that come on their way. It is way more difficult than ever to ignore what is being said about you and how your words are being twisted to create content that sells.

Rashmika Mandanna On Receiving Hate

Mandanna on her social media account has written a long message about her journey in the public eye and how she dealt with the negativity so far. She expressed a lot of exhaustion from the hatred on her way and how it keeps affecting her. She said, “A couple of things have been troubling me these last few days or weeks or months or maybe even years now and I think it’s time I address it. I am only speaking for myself – something I should have done years ago.
I have been on the receiving end of a lot of hate ever since I started my career. Quite literally a punching bag for a lot of trolls and negativity out there.”

She also mentions that she knows the perils of the life that she has chosen for herself and that she tries hard to be her best but the constant negativity pulls her down. She said, “I know that the life I’ve chosen comes with a price– I understand that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly don’t expect to be loved by every single person out there. That doesn’t mean because you don’t approve of me you can spew negativity instead.
Only I know the kind of work I put in, day in and day out to make you all happy. The happiness you feel from the work I put out is what I care about most. I really am trying the best I can to put out things that both you and I are proud of.”

“It’s heart breaking and frankly quite demoralising when I’m being ridiculed and mocked by the internet especially for things that I HAVE NOT SAID.”

Mandanna points out that there have been instances where her words have been misused and portrayed in the wrong way by the media. She said, “I’ve found that bits of things I’ve said in interviews are being turned against me. False narratives being spread across the internet that can be very harmful to me and the relationships I have in or outside the industry.”

Rashmika Mandanna also says, “For the longest time I’ve been told to ignore it. But it has only gotten worse. By addressing it, I’m not trying to win anyone over.
I don’t want to feel closeted and forced to change as a human being because of this hate I keep receiving.”

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Why Do We Think Celebrities Don’t Care About Hatred?

Often than not, people write a lot of negative thoughts about celebrities whom they do not like and sometimes it’s done only to draw attention. Speculating about their film choices, relationships, fashion and body size, there are various ways to spew hatred, especially if it’s a woman. Their growth is made directly proportional to the morals and constant assumptions of dating people from the industry. What they wear and how they look and every inch of their lost or gained weight is measured and talked about.

All the celebrities know about these negative sides of fame but do they not deserve some rest? Why do the ones who spew hatred not think that on the receiving end it’s a human being? Constructive criticism and hatred cannot be considered the same thing.

It is important that celebrities talk more about their side of the story and normalise mental health issues and things that affect them, so people can relate to them and might bring change in perspectives.

Views expressed are author’s own.