Father Lauds Frontline Warrior Daughter, Internet Salutes India’s Medical Fraternity

Father Lauds COVID-19 Warrior Daughter

Father lauds COVID-19 warrior daughter: Amid the pandemic doom and gloom that pervades social media each day, some slivers of hope always manage to pass through the chinks. The desolation is desperate and widespread, with people taking turns to either lament or outrage. But there is one community that cannot afford such engagements right now. They are working relentlessly, holding up the fort to prevent a complete breakdown: medical professionals.

The healthcare system is strained, no doubt, but these COVID-19 frontline warriors are doing their best to save lives despite their conditions. A father on Twitter shared a similar story of his daughter who has been posted to intensive care duty in New Delhi’s Lok Nayak Hospital.

“My daughter after her Covid ICU duty at LNJP hospital today morning! Truly humbling to see the frontline medicos performing their duties with passion, sincerity and cheer. All of us need to help & support in our individual capacity to win this battle!” IPS officer HGS Dhaliwal shared Monday, alongside a photo of his daughter standing tall with a raised thumb and spirits.

His post has since gone viral, amassing over 9000 likes, with netizens lauding her and the thousands other health workers spending hours saving people round the clock.

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Father Lauds COVID-19 Warrior Daughter As Health Fraternity Refuses To Crumble Under Crisis

A post by a medico had gone viral earlier this year, where she narrated the “horrors” the health community was seeing on the daily, having to tell families about a loved one they lost.

A lot has been said about elected leaders seeming to abdicate their seats of power in times of crisis to leave the medical system “collapsed.” Such does appear to be the case, what with oxygen, hospital beds and basic medicines running short across the country, most prominently in the national capital too, no less.

Father Lauds COVID-19 Warrior Daughter

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Many are joining the fight by turning COVID-19 warriors, such as this Union Minister’s daughter or these personalities online or women helping with dignified burials for the dead. But on-ground, none are working as unwaveringly hard as our doctors, nurses, ambulance drivers, and other hospital staff.

Even though health professionals have been reduced to pleadingly beg on social media for amenities for their hospitals, they are refusing to abandon their posts. Like the woman whose father shared a picture of her today, they are all trying to work through the rubble to lead the country and its citizens out of misery.

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