Trial Room & Body Types: Are we in Acceptance or Denial of Our Bodies?

Kanchana Banerjee

Talking to a couple of friends about our shopping plan over the weekend, one interesting yet depressing point came up out of nowhere. The  ‘Trial Room’ fear. It might sound funny and probably some of us might even think if something like this exists but sadly it does. The Trial Room is a place where women are contemplating whether they should accept or deny their bodies. The question of acceptance or denial of one’s body type is haunting many women.

Why is it Haunting women?

The Body shaming phenomenon is horrific and appalling. Most of the alleged accused of body shaming find the act to be “too cool for school” and completely ignore the negative effects of their actions. Women are shamed on the basis of their body feature and structure. You look as thin as a paper, your thighs have become a little bigger, what’s your waistline size, OMG! You look gigantic, look at her! she is so pale, get some skin around your bones are all phrases that impact one’s psyche. All of these effects a woman’s confidence in herself.

Why would such comments affect women?

While these might be usual sentences without much depth to it, women do get affected by such comments because who doesn’t want to look their best? The reason why these comments exist in the first place is that of the existence of an ‘Ideal type of body’. This ideal type is the most sought-after by the society and also considered the idyllic way to look perfect. Since there is already the best prototype available why would people want to look anything less than that?

The thought to achieve this ‘Ideal Body Type’ has led to women having an everyday kind of hate towards their body. Most of us want something better for our body every day.

The Trial Room

The Trial room is a part of a woman’s routine. Talking to a friend who wished to maintain anonymity mentioned that while she was in a trial room, she heard most of the women across other rooms screaming out on how the clothes didn’t fit them. She says, ‘The kind things that I heard was worrisome. It went something like this: ‘My stomach is popping out’, ‘My arms look fat’, ‘I think I’ll need the next size, gosh! I’ve put on weight’, ‘This dress isn’t suiting my body’, ‘I don’t think I’ll be not able to wear sleeveless’. There was also comparison amongst friends like – ‘This will look better on you because you look thinner’, ‘I don’t think this will suit my features’ and so on. The entire environment was gloomy.

Sometimes girls don’t feel confident enough to step out of the room but rather call someone to see if they looked nice. I mean what’s the point?”.

Why this denial? Strive to be unique.

Women feel usually dejected about their looks and body type. Women should realise that we don’t have to strive for something like the prototype but rather strive to be our unique selves. Let’s accept that we have been denying our body the attention and love it needs from us. Let’s now accept our body the way it is. A beautiful example is how the new age models are being seen. Models from every body shape are encouraged to model for brands. Women are being confident to accept their body as it is.

Firstly, don’t hesitate to walk out of the trial room. Secondly, look at yourself like a diva, no less than anyone because if you love yourself, then you don’t need anybody’s acceptance or denial. It’s yours that matters.

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Reshma is an intern with SheThepeople.TV