Model Munroe Bergdorf Slams Media For Treatment Of Transgender Kids

Transgender Model

Model Munroe Bergdorf has shared a series of tweets condemning producers who called her on their shows to debate the welfare of transgender kids. She said the issue is simply not up for debate.

Fired for calling out racism

Bergdorf was fired from L’Oreal Paris just days after becoming the company’s first trans model. She was fired because she had vehemently called out white American racism on Facebook. The model has now signed a deal with Illamasqua.

“Giving transphobic people or TERFs a platform to ‘debate’ whether we should allow kids to express their gender identity is damaging and enforces the narrative that being trans is a choice,” the DJ and trans activist tweeted.

“You wouldn’t give a misogynist a platform to debate against feminism with a woman who has experienced violence at the hands of men, would you?”

She is often invited on TV shows to debate with transphobes about the rights of transgender kids and she has had enough.

Bergdorf has also reached out to transgender kids. She said that they should reach out to her and she will answer all messages. We need to change the narrative, she said.

She said “bigoted adults” are the “biggest obstacle to [trans kids’] happiness” and she has promised to continue to stand up for them

After being fired from L’Oreal, she said that if the firm wants to offer empowerment to underrepresented women, they need to acknowledge why these women are underrepresented within the industry. This reason is discrimination, she said. 

We couldn’t agree more with her. Transgender children receiving support, just as other kids in need, is not an issue that should be up for debate.

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Picture Credit: bbc.co.uk