Why We Need Gender Sensitization On University Campuses

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Gender Sensitization is a basic requirement to understand the sensitive needs of a particular gender. It helps us to examine our personal attitudes and beliefs and question the ‘realities’ that we thought we know.  The need for this sensitivity has been felt and realised through times immemorial and in almost all kinds of human existence, across the globe. Recent discourses focus upon the need to sensitize gender issues on campus as many believe that education is the catalyst for change. Educational spaces instil thought and make one have a perception that they believe.

Instilling positive thoughts on gender issues will enable and enhance the future population from practising gender discrimination.

Gender issues can be sensitized in campuses through various activities like debates, discussions, seminars, theatrical performances and other forms of arts. This can also be done through the following means.

Gender sensitizing cell.

  • Campuses are filled with active clubs and societies. Having a gender sensitizing cell by students will enable two-way communication and interaction among diverse students with numerous personal incidents.
  • A gender sensitizing cell is not synonymous with women issues or women development cell. This cell should serve as a fundamental platform for all the sexes to discuss problems and come about with solutions.

Compulsory courses in the syllabus.

  • Campuses are filled with different courses focusing on various aspects of culture, tradition, arts, moral principles, lifestyle and so on. Having a compulsory gender course will enable students to think away from the fixed gender discriminatory rules of the society.
  • There is lack of understanding the difference between sex and gender which are two distinct words with different meanings. This difference and the various elements associated with gender studies can be disseminated only through education.
  • Reading the vast literature and origin of the gender issues will enable students to take an informed decision on their thoughts and belief.

 Gender sensitizing committee

  • While a cell is composed of students, a gender sensitizing committee including students and teachers will enable communication of problems and other issues faced by students.
  • Such committee will reassure the idea that gender issues are not appreciated and allowed on campuses.

 Easy redressal procedure.

  • We all know the problems of the issue but getting the solution is the major challenge. Having gender sensitizing cell and committee will not suffice but having easy redressal procedure will complete it.
  • This can be done by having an online portal to file complaints or a register at the principal’s office and the cell’s and committees.
  • Having easy redressal procedure will enable students to speak up which is necessary to spread awareness of the issue among their peers.

 Workshops and discussions.

  • Conducting workshops by various organizations who work in the field enables students to know the reality outside campuses as well.
  • Sessions of debate, discussions, seminars and conferences will help enable spreading awareness about the issue further.

 Gender issues week.

  • Campuses conduct weeks dedicated to causes. Hence, beginning a week dedicating to talk about gender issues and organizing competitions will keep the spirit of college life alive. Also, it will sensitize these issue among students from different colleges, all across the country.
  • Photography, article, debate, research papers and other events could be organised to talk about the issue other than classrooms.

 Annual Production.

  • Societies, viz., dance, drama, theatre, elocution, music societies have their own production every year.
  • Firstly, to perform a piece on gender issues can gather an audience and attract attention. Moreover, performances attract people, having productions will enable students to know various aspects of the issue and sensitize them over the topic.

None of the above-mentioned steps is hard to implement. In fact the very idea to have an open mind about these issues by authorities and students together will enable fulfilment of these means to sensitize issues.

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