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Clueless Woman In Shirtless Gay Men Meme Has Revealed Her Identity

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San Francisco Gay Meme: The internet has once again produced another meme material and netizens can’t hold back their laughter from the uniqueness yet relatability of the meme.

Netizens started sharing a picture of shirtless men surrounding a woman with a clueless expression on her face. As many identified it to be a picture from the San Francisco fair with a very big gathering of shirtless gay men. The awkwardness on the woman’s face, her odd-one-out kind of stance and basically everything about the picture offered social media users a fresh template to make memes.

The young woman who went viral for appearing among a “sea of half-naked canoodling men”, said that she doesn’t mind being a meme.

The woman, who is identified as Amruta Godbole, is a corporate lawyer in real life, something much contrary to what she is now known to the world for.

Confused by her appearance in the bizarre memes, Godbole mentioned that her co-workers and colleagues sent her text exchanges between them and other colleagues, reassuring if it was really Godbole.

The 35-year-old lawyer said, “People send it to me and say ‘Is this you? What is happening here?” She added the fact that it is amusing for her acquaintances to see her in the funny meme, given the seriousness of her profession.

“When I was previously working at a big corporate law firm, that was very stodgy and old school, a colleague sent me a text exchange between him and a colleague asking if it was me.”

According to a tweet by Godbole, the picture was taken at a San Francisco Street Fair in 2017 and was clicked by a friend. Strangely, the picture found its way into the world of memes four years later which Godbole calls a “fun fact”.

In a Buzzfeed article, Godbole mentioned that she felt like a “fish out of water” during the incident and that is quite evident from her posture, struggling to find an escape.

However, according to her statement, one of her main groups of friends in San Francisco is a group of gay men. Hence, although awkward, the situation wasn’t the first time for her.

“I have often found myself in situations where I’m the one woman amid all of these gay men,” she said.

Here are some of the hilarious tweets on the San Francisco gay meme: