Vandana Kalagara Is Creating Eco-Friendly Fashion That Doesn't Break The Bank

With a passion for creating eco-friendly fashion that doesn't break the bank, Vandana Kalagara brings a refreshing approach to the world of kids' clothing. Through her venture, she envisions a future where every child can wear planet-friendly apparel without compromise.

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Featuring Founder and Co Founder of KeeBee Organics Vandana Kalagara and Smruti Rao (from left to right)

In a candid interview with Vandana Kalagara, the founder of Keebee Organics, we delve into the personal motivation that fueled the creation of a brand dedicated to children's clothing. Vandana shares a pivotal moment in her life when her daughter expressed a desire to avoid the conventional working life. This revelation became the catalyst for Vandana to embark on a journey to become a better role model. 


The genesis of Keebee Organics emerged from Kalgara's personal need for environmentally conscious clothing for her daughter. With a background in fashion, Kalgara was acutely aware of the detrimental impact of the garment industry on the environment. In 2018, her vision found a partner in Smruti Rao, and together they set out to create "Happy Clothes for a Happy Planet.

A Wardrobe For Every Child

Keebee caters to a wide audience, offering an array of clothing for children from preemies to 6-year-olds. For us, comfort and style go hand in hand. Each of our styles is designed consciously keeping in mind the child's comfort and the design appeal."

I stopped working when I got pregnant with my first daughter. One day, she came home and told me she wanted to stay at home and not work like me and her grandmother. That moment, I decided I had to do something with my life and be a better role model to her.


Triple Commitment Of Sustainability, Affordability And Quality


Kalagara also sheds light on the venture's commitment to sustainability, affordability, and quality. The brand uses GOTS-certified fabrics exclusively and adopts a comprehensive recycling approach, targeting plastic, paper, and fabric scraps. Vandana acknowledges initial quality issues but emphasizes the brand's dedication to continuous improvement.

We never compromise on quality. In the beginning, we had hiccups with the quality issues. As soon as we got complaints from our customers, we immediately corrected them and had processes in place to never repeat the same mistakes.

From Pop-ups To Online Presence

While initially not active on social media until 2021, she discusses the evolving role of these platforms in spreading awareness about the venture and connecting with potential customers. The brand's earlier focus on direct customer engagement through pop-ups has now expanded into the digital realm. She also recalls how Google and its array of products have helped her to grasp the needs of the audience in a better way.

Growth Trajectory: Evolution Over the Years

Reflecting on the growth trajectory, Kalagara provides insights into Keebee's transformation from its inception in 2016 to the present day. The initial challenges in product launch evolved into a successful debut in December 2017, generating approximately Rs. 50,000 in revenue. Fast forward to the current year, and Keebee has already crossed the impressive milestone of Rs. 50,00,000.


There is a drastic change from when I started Keebee in 2016 till now. When I first started, getting the first set of products out took me 1.5 years.

Drawing from her experience, Kalagara imparts valuable advice to new-age entrepreneurs. She highlights the availability of resources such as incubation centres and mentors, which she didn't have when she started.

One has to be patient and persistent. Never take no for an answer. Find some or the other way to do what you want to do. Ask for help when needed.

Future Vision

Kalagara concludes by sharing that their immediate focus is on improving social media presence and brand awareness through marketing initiatives. 

For the short term, we are trying to improve our social media presence and increase our brand awareness through marketing. As our long term vision, we look forward to expanding to all the metros, start our own flagship stores and expand our reach offline too.

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