Meet Dolly Jain, Saree Draper Who Does Wonders With The Six Yards

Dolly Jain, a household name in the world of saree draping, embarked on her journey as a young bride, unaware of the path that awaited her. Today, she stands as a celebrated figure, having draped sarees for countless Bollywood actors and other celebrities.

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Dolly Jain

SheThePeople, in collaboration with Social Offline, introduced the 40 Over 40 Awards 2024, spotlighting women who've defied age barriers to pursue their dreams and achieve greatness after turning 40. Dolly Jain, among the 40 winners, received recognition for her entrepreneurial success and mastery of saree draping.


Dolly Jain, a household name in the world of saree draping, embarked on her journey as a young bride, unaware of the path that awaited her. Today, she stands as a celebrated figure, having draped sarees for countless Bollywood actors and other celebrities. With her exceptional skills, Jain has carved a niche for herself, blending tradition with modernity in each fold of fabric.

Dolly Jain Wins At SheThePeople's 40 Over 40 Awards

Upon accepting her award, Jain shares, "A saree is magical six yards fabric and we need to bring it back to our wardrobes, reclaiming our heritage that we've overlooked for too long. I once feared that my grandchildren would only see a giant piece of fabric hanging on the wall, and I'd have to explain, 'Back in the day, people used to wear such large garments.' And I said no. I made efforts to bring sarees back through draping styles, and each day I tried new draping styles, and today I have more than 365+ draping styles."

Jain also shared a video of herself accepting the award and delivering her winning speech, accompanied by a heartfelt caption. She expressed that every honour and every recognition serves as a cherished validation of the immense time and unwavering commitment she has devoted to her passion.


In an interview with SheThePeople, Dolly Jain shares that she believes the saree is not just an attire but a celebration of tradition and culture, instilling a sense of belonging and identity in women. She explains. "It makes a woman connect to their roots and allows them to embrace their culture with pride. By wearing a sari, a woman feels a sense of belonging and identity, which in turn boosts her confidence. And I have seen this so many times in me that every time I wear a sari, I've got a different personality in the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I sit, the way I am addressed, and the way I address people. It's so different."

Saree and its Cultural Significance

She proudly expresses that her expertise in the art of draping makes her feel privileged. She says, "As a prominent saree draper, I've had the privilege to style women from diverse backgrounds. The art of saree draping genuinely empowers women and enhances their confidence in so many ways."

The process of draping a saree, according to Jain, allows women to express their individuality and personal style. "There is no wrong or right in saree draping. Each drape reflects the personality and preferences of the wearer," she asserts. The elegance of a well-draped saree enhances femininity and boosts self-esteem, making it a timeless garment cherished by women across generations.


Approach to Teaching Saree Draping to Younger Generations

She elaborated on how she revamped her approach to teaching saree draping to appeal to younger generations. "One way to achieve this balance is by incorporating modern fabrics, colours, and patterns into traditional designs," she explained. "For example, instead of instructing young girls to get their blouse and petticoat, I started speaking their language. I told them, 'Okay, come get your crop top, skirts, denims, pants, and trousers, and let me show you a fun way to wear a saree.' This shift in language and approach resonated with the youngsters, leading to a surge in followers."

"Introducing contemporary fabrics like chiffon, georgette, or silk can add a touch of modernity to the traditional drape, Experimenting with bold colours, unique prints, and motifs can give sarees a fresh and modern appeal. Adapting draping styles to suit the modern lifestyle and comfort of women is also crucial. Traditional draping techniques can be modified and simplified for everyday wear." she continued. 

Meanwhile, she points out, "I never promote pre-stitched sarees, but I can show ways to pre-drape a saree the night before to make it hassle-free the next day.” When it comes to preserving tradition while embracing modernity, Dolly advocates for incorporating contemporary fabrics, colours, and patterns into traditional designs. "Balancing traditional roots with modern elements is key. Adapting draping styles to suit the modern lifestyle offers women ease and comfort without compromising on elegance," she explains.


Bollywood's Influence

Dolly Jain highlights Bollywood's pivotal role in reshaping the portrayal of sarees, merging classic charm with modern narratives. She notes the versatility in draping styles showcased by Bollywood stars like Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, and Sushmita Sen, reflecting evolving tastes. "Bollywood's influence extends to fabric choices, with a shift towards lighter and more fluid materials like chiffon and organza," she explains. 

As Dolly continues to redefine elegance with each saree she drapes, her journey serves as an inspiration to women worldwide. Through her artistry, she not only preserves the cultural significance of sarees but also paves the way for their continued relevance in today's fashion landscape.


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