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Digital Women Awards 2022, Building For Bharat Panel Discussion

Indian women entrepreneurs
The eighth edition of Shethepeople’s Digital Women’s Awards has started. The DWA’s overarching theme for this year is “Storm The Norm.” The Digital Women Awards 2022 focus on talent, entrepreneurship, innovation, and invention by women using digital means.

The recent panel discussion was titled “Building For Bharat.” The session’s notable panellists included Aditi Khattar, founder of “The Greenish Affair,” Yachika Chopra, founder of “Circa Foods,” and Dasumarlin Majaw, founder of “Smokey Falls Tribe Coffee.”

DWA 2022 Building For Bharat: Indian Women Entrepreneurs

Role Of Digital In Entrepreneurship

When asked about how pivotal digital has been in her entrepreneurship journey, Dasumarlin Majaw said, “Digital has played a very important part in my work. When we started 12 years ago, we were unaware of how social media works. The first social media platform we used was Facebook. The moment we uploaded about Meghalaya having coffee and planning to launch it in the market, enquiries came in from friends and relatives and people in my state. Later we realized that social media is the major factor that will help us grow.”

Aditi Khattar also talked about the importance of social media and how it played a significant role in her business. She said that social media is the best way to provide that focus on our work, on the items that a person deals in. For her, “social media has always been something that she relied on.”Her strategy towards the right business is a mix of traditional marketing approaches and the correct use of social media in the domain of small businesses.

Yachika Chopra thinks that digitalization and its methods have given her company a competitive edge by removing the limitations of geography and time.

How Can Institutional Help Make It Easy For Entrepreneurs?

The Greenish Affair Founder said, “Not a lot of women who want to start on their own know about the schemes that the government or local bodies around our cities are offering to the women entrepreneurs. It is important to know that it is not that difficult now to start our own business even if we don’t have enough finances or bank balance. There are a lot of schemes, and one such scheme is ‘Annapurna Yojana’.It has become easy for women to opt for loans as small as 50,000 rupees to start their businesses.”

Yachika Chopra further speaks about the struggles a woman faces if she makes a risky entrepreneurial decision and the lack of faith she would see if people around her. Dasumarlin Majaw explained her journey from working at a bank to becoming an entrepreneur and how the state government scheme in Meghalaya helped her start off her dream.

Advice For Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Aditi Khattar wants all aspiring women entrepreneurs to be consistent in their journey. Yachika Chopra said, “Step out of the comfort bubble, dream big and start working. Pure perseverance is the only thing that makes a big difference between an entrepreneur and a dream.” Majaw suggests that young entrepreneurs to not take negative comments from people too seriously and to keep believing in themselves and work on their goals.

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