Digital Women Awards 2022, Support Small Businesses Whenever You Get A Chance, Rashi Narang

Jury Chair Rashi Narang
Since they were first introduced in 2015, the Digital Women Awards (DWA) have steadily developed as a platform for women all over India to connect, communicate and discuss entrepreneurship. They share not only their accomplishments but also their concerns and struggles and put the spotlight on how entrepreneurship can play a significant role in economic development and give greater agency to women. 

The Awards not only honour trailblazers in the world of small and medium businesses, but they also give company owners access to the perspectives of influential women leaders. What they did, how they did it, and why they did it, as well as what they plan to do next

Shaili Chopra in Conversation With DWA Jury Chair Rashi Narang

2022 marks the eighth edition of SheThePeople’s Digital Women’s Awards. To date, it has covered around 80 cities and 75,000 women across the country. Rashi Narang is the jury chair for the Digital Women Awards 2022. To kick start this yeads Award and Summit, SheThePeople and Gytree founder Shaili Chopra was in conversation with Rashi Narang, Founder at Heads Up For Tails. 

During the discussion, when asked about how women’s entrepreneurship can be supported, Rashni Narang said, “I think support can come in many ways. Social media is great, and I don’t know how real it is. I think it begins by supporting small businesses whenever we get a chance, it is about getting authentic conversations on the challenges, failures and the stumbles, as normal rather than something that is looked down upon. I feel every failure is learning and every learning is growth. I think there are so many ways of supporting. Spreading the word, a little sale, being there through difficult times, being there to help with family or friends, or extended family or a close friend. These are the little things that can go such a long way because these are the biggest things in the life of women entrepreneurs.”

Women Entrepreneurs And Funding

When asked why the women are not getting funded, Narang said, “There are not enough women coming forward.” The interview also discussed the various kinds of capital available in the market and how women can utilise it.

When asked about why women get intimidated and how to fix it, Narang said, “I have been in that situation before. I am more a creative person, a design person, a marketing person, a brand person. For many years, I struggled with the whole accounts, finance part, trying to answer these difficult questions and then realised that the point of the building is to bring your best strengths to what you do and hire for the rest.”

Dealing with failures and rejections

Narang also discussed the failures and rejections and how to deal with them. She said that she continues to deal with many rejections, but now she has developed an underlying belief system that helps her cope very well. She noted that the underlying belief, according to her, is that whatever comes her way is for her best and will serve and teach her in the best possible way. Rejections, according to Narang, simply mean learning and believing that better opportunities await.

Rashi Narang SheThePeople

Rashi Narang at SheThePeople’s Digital Women Awards

In her message to women entrepreneurs, Narang said, “It goes a long way. It’s a little bit of validation. We all have a dream, and we all have a unique talents. We owe it to ourselves to bring it to the world, to serve it through anything we want to do, but we can all make a difference. It’s not about viewing a job as a job, but it’s a chance to change something, build something, create something, and serve someone.”

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