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Watch: Woman Refuses To Deal With Male Clients’ ‘Locker Room’ Chat During Meeting

woman calls out locker room talks
In a viral video, a woman can be seen calling out her male clients after she overhears their locker room talk about her on their group chat during a Zoom meeting. The video shows her refusing to go forward with the deal unless the issue was resolved.

Workplace harassment is a serious issue in the corporate world and every working woman has faced it at least once in her lifetime. Despite severe backlash and attempts to make the workplace inclusive and supportive, such cases did not cease to exist. A similar incident of workplace harassment happened with Mindlance business executive Whitney Sharpe but she did not let it go and addressed it in front of everyone on an online meeting.

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Woman Calls Out Locker Room Talks

The video posted on Twitter shows Whitney Sharpe in a Microsoft Teams meeting with three male clients who were in discussion with her company to sell their software to them. During the meeting, one of the clients accidentally shares his screen with everyone which reveals his group chats with his colleagues in which they allegedly made nasty comments about Whitney Sharpe’s appearance. Infuriated by such treatment, Sharpe maintains her calm composure and called out such locker room talks about herself.

Sharpe can be seen saying, “First of all, if we’re going to continue working together. I want to work with a woman sales representative because I don’t want to have to see locker-room talk about myself when you’re sharing screens. So, if we’re going to move forward, I would like to work with an account rep that’s maybe a woman in the area so that we can move forward that way.” On being called out, one of the male clients apologised calling the incident an inexcusable mistake but Sharpe stick to her decision of discussing further things with a female executive.

Sharpe later posted a screenshot of the e-mail she received from the client’s company in which the company acknowledged their employees’ lack of professionalism but they also said that their company had no female representative skilled enough to provide assistance. Considering such misogynist behaviour from their side, Whitney Sharpe later confirmed that she called off the deal with the company saying that she cannot work with a vendor who does not support women in business. Her reaction is being lauded online.