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Viral Video: Woman At 84 Got Birthday Shoutout By Favourite Eatery

woman at 84 got birthday shoutout
Isn’t it the best feeling in the world to receive birthday love! It’s vital to recognise someone’s birthday because it demonstrates your thoughtfulness towards them. It gives sense of appreciation of your being. Wishing someone a happy birthday can make someone’s day special. The elderly woman also experienced a similar incident.

The 84-year-old woman did, in fact, receive a birthday shout-out at her favourite eatery. This viral video touched online viewers after she melted into tears and started sobbing. If you are someone who gets emotional almost instantly, we must tell you to watch this video at your own risk.

Woman at 84 Got Birthday Shoutout:

The Good News Dog posted the now-viral video. In the brief video, a woman named Rosie, 84, can be seen dining at her favourite eatery. As it was her birthday, the management gave her a shout-out shortly after. She started crying, and her endearing response will undoubtedly move you to tears as well. “This is very cute. “Rosie, happy birthday!” reads the post’s caption.

After being shared online, the video received over 9 million views. Following watching the video, users were touched, and they showered Rosie with love in the comments area. “That’s so sweet, bless her heart,” a user wrote. Another user wrote, “Bless her heart.” One user wished her in the comments, “That is so cute. “Happy 84th birthday to Rosie.” Another wrote about hospitality, “The employee did an excellent job on the intercom.” Watch the video here.

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In a similar trending video on Twitter in May, a woman in blue clothes was seen putting candles on a cake. Nobody had noticed her until now. Behind this elderly woman, we observe a waitress bringing two other women food. She began to put candles in them, and one of the two women spotted it at once.

The woman remained, observing the old woman as she cut the cake and began to clap. Three more individuals were clapping and cheering when the elderly woman joined them all of a sudden. When the two women seated behind her noticed this, they got up and joined her. The elderly woman smiled as she welcomed everyone. The elderly woman remained silent, but her smile conveyed how much she needed that company. More than 3 million people have seen this touching film.

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