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South Africa: Woman Takes Off Thong To Use As Mask In Supermarket, Video Goes Viral

woman uses thong as mask

A woman is drawing criticism on social media after a video of her using her own thong as mask went viral. Reportedly captured at a South African supermarket, the video shows her reach under her dress to strip off her underwear and wear it over her face when the store staff questioned her for being without a mask.

In the video, the maskless woman rolls her trolley over to security during checkout where she is stopped and reportedly told she will not be served until she covers her mouth and nose. This prompts her to grab her black thong from beneath her full-length dress and invert it over her face and sarcastically ask security, “Happy?”

See video of woman using thong as mask going viral:  

Woman Using Thong As Mask Attracts Criticism

Shoppers standing witness to the bizarre event can be heard reacting to the woman’s actions in the video. One woman comes forward to make a statement with loud claps and remarks, “Hey, well done, well done. Brilliant woman.” Some others can be heard chuckling at the entire episode.

Someone standing nearby, meanwhile, also says, “Personally, I find that acceptable… It is a mask. Quite frankly I think the bacteria on your knickers is less than on the mask.”

Reactions on social media too are varying, from utter shock to disapproval of anti-maskers. One user wrote, “Wearing your own thong over your nose and mouth to… prove something? Isn’t it just easier to wear a damn mask.

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