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This TikTok User Vows To Never Use Razor After What She Discovered

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Shaving legs with sandpaper: A TikTok user named Jules has now vowed to never buy a razor again. This comes after she started using sandpaper to shave her legs.

She spoke about this in her very first TikTok video, which has now gone viral. “I was watching one of these girls, she’s an ‘accountant’, I was learning about the business, anyway, watching this girl, she’s an accountant and she’s talking about shaving her legs with sandpaper. She used 600 grit sandpaper on her legs. She said, in a circle this way 10 times, in a circle the other way 10 times. I did it,” she says in the video.

Jules then adds that her skin has become really soft after using sandpaper, and it works.

Shaving legs with sandpaper but not the intimate areas

Since then, viewers have shown a lot of support, and are amazed by Jules’ tips. However, there were some people who said that sandpaper can rub the skin raw, and should not be recommended to be used on the skin.

Later, Jules also posted a follow-up video in which she thanked everyone for their responses, and answered some questions too. She also added that she wouldn’t be using a sandpaper on her intimate areas.  “And then the hootie-ha? Yeah, I don’t think I wanna do mine. That hair’s pretty coarse, and it might take some aggressive rubbing,” she said.

The TikTok video has managed to garner over 1.2 million views, 200,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments.

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