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“Maine Tel Lagaya Hai Abhi Mat Lo” Why Can’t Celebrities have A Bad Hair Day?

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Rupali Ganguly is seen hiding her face from her the paparazzi outside a salon while requesting them to not take pictures as her hair was oily. The video has now gone viral in which Ganguly promises to return in twenty minutes and pose for the paparazzi. A celebrities life, but have you ever wondered why do actors always need to be camera-ready? Why can’t they have a bad hair day and get away with it?

Actor, Rupali Ganguly was faced by paparazzi while she was waiting outside a salon. She had oil on her hair which made her hide her face. She even said that she would return sometime to pose for pictures for them after that she ran inside the salon.

Rupali Ganguly Viral Video: Maine Tel Lagaya Hai Abhi Mat Lo

“I have oil in my hair,” said the actor as she was trying to hide her face and run away from the paparazzi. Mereko 20 minutes de de, main aa rahi hoon,” says Ganguly in the video that was shared on Instagram.

Netizens found the Anupamaa actor’s problem relatable. We all have this day when we do not want to get clicked. One Instagram user wrote “Every girl’s problem” while the other user said, “But she still looks beautiful”.

Another Instagram user joked and made a reference to her character in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai and said “Monisha will be Monisha.”

Among all the laughs and jokes, there is one thing that bothers me, why does Ganguly have to shy away from showing herself with oil on her hair?

Are the beauty standards so high in our society that it is not normal for an actor to have oil on her hair? Does it not bother you that we can’t cut the slack for them even for a moment? Do actors have to make a case about looking prim in all pictures? Are we all forgetting that they are also like us women who do oil their hair and can have pictures where they are not looking perfect?

In her current popular show Anumpamaa she plays the role of a single mother who raises three children. The family drama has received positive feedback from viewers and remains at the top of the TRP charts even now. The actor said, “After I quit ‘Parvarrish’ due to my pregnancy, I was busy with my home and my child (Rudransh). I enjoyed every moment of it.

Actors are also mortals like us, let us give them some space specially when they are requesting for it. It is ok if they are not ready to flash a smile or have wild or oiled hair.

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