Video From Ratan Tata's 84th Birthday Celebrations Goes Viral

Ratan Tata celebrated his 84th birthday on December 28, 2021. His video has gone viral on the internet.

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Ratan Tata Birthday Video ,Image posted on Instagram by Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata celebrates his birthday on December 28 every year. The industrialist turned 84 this year and the video from his birthday has been going viral.

Netizens are loving him for his example of simplicity in this video and are sending him wishes from all over the globe.

Ratan Tata Birthday Video Goes Viral:

Ratan Tata's way of celebrating his birthday has gone viral all over the Internet. In the video, Ratan Tata is seen celebrating his birthday with a small cupcake. Deputy Manager of RNT Associates, Shantanu Naidu sang the birthday song and clapped for him as he cut the cupcake. He then patted the back of Ratan Tata, who is seen wearing a blue shirt, and also gave him a bite of the cupcake.

The video was posted on LinkedIn by Vaibhav Bhoir who serves as business development manager at the Tata Motor Finance. The short clip posted by him has already collected more than 60,000 likes alone on LinkedIn and is getting re-shares and likes on the other social media platforms as well.

One of the user named Indira Nair, wrote "Such a beautiful video ! Lots of Love to you Sir, God Bless you with healthy and peaceful life.", while another user wrote named Vijay Tyagi "In today’s world of flamboyance and self promotion, wish we could learn something very basic from this man called simplicity."

In similar fashion, the chairman of Rama Prasad Goenka(RPG) Group, Harsh Goenka shared this short video on Twitter which has been captioned as "A charming scene with the unassuming #RatanTata on his 84th birthday".


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Ratan Tata, recently made headlines when he shared the picture of a Tata employee protecting to a dog under his umbrella on a rainy day earlier this year. He added, "This Taj employee was kind enough to share his umbrella with one of the many strays while it was pouring quite heavily."

Tata is known for his investment in many company and startups, including the ones founded by women. According to an interview given by Ratan Tata- "In many ways, in India politically, women have reached the top faster and more so than in other countries." He also expressed how women have stoop up and stood out in boardroom and in enterprise. Many industrialists, political leaders, employees of Tata group and others have sent their wishes.

Watch the video posted by Vaibhav Bhoir here.

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