Shared By Ratan Tata, Heartwarming Gesture By Taj Employee Goes Viral

the photo showed a man, a Taj Employee was seen standing outside while holding an umbrella over himself, and a stray dog that stood beside him

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Taj Employee Picture, Taj employee video
Taj Employee Picture: A photo of a Taj Hotel Employee, sharing an umbrella with a stray dog recently went viral on the internet. It was a rainy day, and the employ was seen protecting the dogs. Industralist Ratan Tata noticed the picture and shared it through his Instagram account on Thursday, September 23.

In the photo shared, a man, a Taj Employee was seen standing outside the hotel premises and looking into the distance while holding an umbrella over himself, and a stray dog stood beside him. He was shielding himself and the dog from the strong rainfall pouring over them.

Ratan Tata, sharing the picture, wrote in the caption, “Sharing comfort with the strays this monsoon. This Taj employee was kind enough to share his umbrella with one of the many strays while it was pouring quite heavily. "

He called it a heartwarming moment captured between the busy life of Mumbai and that gestures like these go a long way for stray animals. The post received thousands of likes on Instagram and the comment section was flooded by users touched by the sweet gesture of the man.

One user, while mentioning that they had recently adopted a stray dog, said that it was truly a million dollar picture. Many other users shared their stories with stray dogs alike.

“Man with golden heart😍” and “Humble enough to notice and appreciate such tiny happenings... 🥰❤️” , other users commented.

Scherezade Shroff, a content creator, said that according to her the dog is known by the name 'Speedy' by the employees of the Taj hotel.


The Former Chairman of Tata group had posted another picture earlier, writing in the caption, “A few heartwarming moments with the adopted Bombay House dogs this Diwali, especially Goa, my office companion”. He was seen with two dogs on either sides.

The Head Office of the Tata Group, The Bombay House, has reportedly built a kennel especially for stray dogs. It provides a special, safe place for the dogs, along with a play area, toys, food and water.

Shantanu Naidu designed collars for dogs that had self reflectors when he witnessed the death of a dog. His innovation was also noticed by Ratan Tata, and he then landed a job with Tata.

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