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At Bihar’s Ramayana-Inspired Swayamvar, Groom Breaks Bow Before Marrying Bride

ramayana swayamvar wedding
For those familiar with Indian epics, the Ramayana swayamvar scene is a memorable one. Lord Rama lifted and strung the mighty Shiv Dhanush (bow) to win Sita’s hand in marriage.

Centuries after events in the epic purportedly transpired, it seems they still remain relevant in the way modern-day weddings are being styled. Recently, in Bihar’s Saran district, a wedding ceremony inspired by Ramayana took place, with the groom lifting and breaking a bow over his head before garlanding the bride.

The slight twist is that though some reports mentioned the event was called ‘dhanush swayamvar’, the groom was one and decided, unlike at swayamvars where the bride selects a partner from a line of suitors.

A dramatic video of the wedding from Bihar has taken the internet by storm, leaving netizens unsure how to react.

Ramayana Swayamvar Goes Viral And Other Unique Indian Weddings

As per visuals of the ceremony making rounds on social media, the groom dressed in his wedding suit and a money necklace, raises a bow above his head as priests chant mantras in the back. After the bow-breaking, he is showered with flowers and the bride comes to the stage for the garland exchange.

Though the wedding sparked wide interest, reports suggested there was a lack of proper COVID-19 distancing protocol at the event. Guest attendees and the newlyweds were seen maskless. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged even fully vaccinated adults to continue masking in public; read here.

In the one year of battling the pandemic, there have been several similar facepalm weddings that flouted proper protocol. This Tamil Nadu couple chose to marry mid-air in a packed airplane to sidestep COVID-19 norms on-ground.

Another lockdown video that recently went viral showed a couple, yet to be married, playing flip-the-bottle at their mandap as the priest took rest.

Image: TV9 Bharatvarsh