Why Is WHO Asking You To Mask Up Even If You Are Fully Vaccinated

Mask Double vaccination ,Air Pollution
Mask Double Vaccination: The director-general of WHO has urged individuals to mask up even if they are fully vaccinated. They have also urged everyone irrespective of their vaccination status to follow the guidelines laid out for the pandemic.

The World Health Organisation Director-General, Dr Mariangela Simao said in his statement during the press briefing from the WHO Geneva headquarters, “People cannot feel safe just because they had the two doses. They still need to protect themselves.”

Simao further added that vaccination alone cannot prevent community transmission. She added that the people need to follow social distancing, hand hygiene, avoid crowding and be in ventilated spaces in order to avoid the risk of contracting or transmitting the coronavirus.

Last week, WHO said that the delta strain of the coronavirus found first in India is now found in 92 other countries too. The delta strain is reported to be a dominant strain of the coronavirus. According to reports, the strain would ‘pick off’ the most vulnerable people. Hence, the director-general has warned the people about the rapidly spreading strain and asked them to ‘play it safe’.

According to the Wall Street Journal report of last Friday, 50% of the Israeli population who were infected with the delta strain of the coronavirus were fully vaccinated. While talking about the delta strain, Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, said, “to be more lethal because it’s more efficient in the way it transmits between humans and it will eventually find those vulnerable individuals who will become severely ill, have to be hospitalized and potentially die.” Ryan is the

Though, the WHO director-general has given a go to reduce restrictions laid out in the wake of the pandemic and said, “Yes, you can reduce some measures and different countries have different recommendations in that regard. But there’s still the need for caution.”

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