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Viral Video: A 22-Year-Old Raipur Girl Fights Off A Mobile Snatcher

Raipur Girl Fights Off Thief
A Raipur girl fought off a mobile thief for 15-20 minutes who dragged her for up to 50 feet. The girl revealed that watching crime serials on the television made her alert about her surroundings.

Twenty-two-year-old Sonia from Rajendra Nagar area of ​​Raipur was walking outside the house when she was attacked by a miscreant. The Raipur girl further said that she had her brother and father around when the miscreant was standing near the boundary wall. She added that as soon as he saw that Sonia’s father had walked away from her, he attacked her and tried to snatch the mobile phone.

Sonia further added that she tightly held the phone after which he pushed her. She then grabbed his shirt and was still trying to fight him off. On grabbing his shirt, the miscreant took them off and tried to make it for a run. Sonia then grabbed the man’s leg after falling to the ground. She added that he started running and dragged her about 50 feet.

Her father and two men saw the girl and rushed to help. They caught the thief and handed him over to the Rajendra Nagar police. When the thief was caught by the locals, he started apologising to Sonia and called her ‘sister’ according to reports. Sonia sustained injuries in her back, left leg and her phone screen broke during the struggle.

The team from the Rajendra Nagar police station reported that the miscreant, identified as Deepak Baghel, is a professional in theft and dacoity. The police officials said in a statement that the accused has been sent on remand on Sunday.

Sonia’s family were terrified of the incident but at the same time were proud of their daughter kept on fighting. Sonia is a Fine Arts student studying in Mumbai. She was home in Raipur due to the current pandemic. When she was asked about their brave act by the media, she responded by saying that crime serials like Crime Petrol on the television made her alert about her surroundings. She further urged other girls to fight a situation instead of being afraid.