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Viral Video: Baraat Wades Through Rain Using Tarpaulin, Leaves Internet Bemused

rainy indian wedding procession
A rainy Indian wedding procession is going viral on the internet as a video of baaratis struggling to not get wet under a water-resistant tarpaulin is gaining views. The dedication of the guests delighted the social media users and got them saying, “Happens only in India”.

India is known for its big fat weddings full of music, dance, food and entertainment. The wedding procession or baarat is one such event that holds great importance during a wedding. Any wedding is incomplete without baarat and naagin dance.

It often happens that certain unexpected complications can lead to making changes in the plans during a wedding. However, an Indian wedding party refused to compromise to such complications and led the wedding procession in heavy rain on the streets with music, dance and baaratis.

Viral Video Of Rainy Indian Wedding Procession

A video shared by a Twitter user named Shailendra Yadu is gaining many views as it shows a wedding procession in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Amidst a heavy downpour, the procession moves on Indore streets with guests covering themselves with a big sheet of tarpaulin which is water-resistant material.

In the video, a vehicle can be seen leading the procession and playing music while the guests from the groom’s side are walking under the tarpaulin.

A Twitter user commented on the video claiming that the video was of his brother’s wedding that took place in Pardeshipur, Indore. The user also shared another video from the wedding in which some men can be seen dancing enthusiastically in a heavy downpour.

The guests don’t seem to realise that they are blocking the way of others and are constantly asked to give way while an elderly man tries to stop the guests and also requests the passer-by to let it go. However, the guys don’t budge even a little and continue rolling on the floor and dancing in the water.

The enthusiasm and dedication of the baaratis definitely was on another level which proves that nothing can stop Indians from doing what they want. Not even rain or water on the streets can delay their plans of dancing in a wedding procession.

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