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Mohali Girl Runs Chaat Stall And Sells Pani Puri To Support Her Education

mohali girl runs chaat stall
A girl from Mohali, Punjab took to running a chaat stall to sell Pani Puri (also known as Gol Gappe) so she could support herself and get an education. Her story went viral after a food blogger posted a video of the girl running her stall.

The popular food blogger Harry Uppal took to Instagram and posted a video of Poonam, the girl running the chaat stall. Poonam serves savoury Indian snacks such as Pani Puri, Papadi Chaat, Dahi Bhalla, and Aloo Tikki.

Mohali Girl Runs Chaat Stall

Poonam revealed that she began running the chaat stall so she could support her education. She previously worked at a dental clinic after her friend got her the job. She later realised that she did not have time to focus on her studies. Poonam decided to quit her previous job at the dental clinic so she could focus on her studies. however, she found that she needed more money to be able to support herself.

Poonam revealed that she created all snacks she sold herself. She added that in the beginning, her family was not pleased with her decision, but accepted it as time passed.

Within a few weeks, the video received more than 8.5 million views. Netizens praised Poonam for her drive and dedication to her education. One user called her a “true inspiration” and multiple users said that she deserved all the support that she could get. Another user wished her the best and wrote, “Best of luck for your further future.”

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A mother of four took over her late husband’s food stall in Amritsar, Punjab. The food blogger Gaurav Wasan visited her stall and shared her story on social media. She sells paranthas for 30 rupees and uses that money to support herself and her four daughters.

Another video of a woman selling food to support herself had gone viral in 2020. The actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh was one of the celebrities that shared a video of a 70-year-old woman selling food to make a living in Jalandhar, Punjab, and encouraged people to visit her stall. The woman revealed that she cooked and sold paranthas at her makeshift stall to make money after she lost her husband.

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