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I Started My Food Business At 77

gujjuben urmila urmila asher
Urmila Asher doesn’t get bogged down by the challenges that life throws at her. For instance, she started her good business at 77 to support her family financially. Here’s her story.

“My life has been full of tragedies. My daughter was only two years old when she fell from a building and died. Some years ago, I lost both my sons too. One died of heart disease and the other one was suffering from a brain tumour but I never let any of these setbacks bog down my spirits. Death is the ultimate truth. Why waste time crying about it? I have always chosen to focus on what I have and what I can do.

Another blow to my life came in 2019 when my only grandson Harsh met with an accident and lost his lower lip. The accident had affected his self-esteem badly. He stopped stepping out of the house. His shop was also shut due to the pandemic. We were struggling financially but I had faith in HIM and knew that our misery was temporary.

‘Don’t worry. Others have it much worse and your dadi is always by your side’, I told him. I had been an excellent cook since childhood and so, we came up with a plan of starting our Gujarati snack business ‘Gujju Ben Na Nashta’ to rebuild ourselves. We prepared almost 500 kg of pickles in 20-25 days for the orders. To my delight, they were an instant hit among people living there. Gradually, we started selling thepla, dhokla, Puran poli, farali and other Gujarati snacks as well. We hired more people and expanded our business.

Within a year, our revenue touched Rs. 45 lacs but the satisfaction I feel on seeing people eat healthy food is my actual reward. By God’s grace, I am a TEDx speaker now. I have been travelling to various cities sharing my story with others and motivating them to never give up in life.

I also started my YouTube channel recently where I share all my healthy recipes with youngsters and get a lot of love. My afternoons are reserved for shooting and recording videos for my channel.
My grandson often says, ‘You have turned my life around’ but I believe it is my duty to help and protect him. What else are dadis for?”

Here’s the full story. 

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