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Viral Video : Little Girl’s Teary Reunion With Brother

girl reunites with brother
A video of a little girl meeting her elder brother after three weeks and crying her heart out is going viral on the internet. Social media users are finding the reaction of the girl and the brother-sister relationship adorable and precious.

Nothing in this world matches the bond of a brother and sister. They are each other’s partner-in-crime, supporter, comfort and safe place. They quarrel, fight, argue and annoy each other but they also cry when either one is hurting. And they flip to their dark and evil side the moment anybody messes with their sibling. The worst part is when they grow up and have to leave each other’s side for college or a job. The things that felt annoying now seem cute and all you need is to see them and hold them just once. A similar interaction between a little girl and her elder brother is going viral on the internet.

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Girl Reunites With Brother, Viral Video Leaves Internet Emotional

In a video shared by the username Stephanie on Instagram, we can see a little girl walking into a room and as she enters, her elder brother, who was hiding behind the wall, suddenly appears in front of her. The little girl immediately jumps in his arms and clings to his neck as he picks her up. The little girl is crying with her chin on her brother’s shoulder as she meets him after a long time.

The 20-year-old boy named Steven allegedly moved to his father’s house and had come back home after three weeks. He talked to his little sister Abby on video chat which left her crying as she missed him and when she saw him in person, she couldn’t stop her tears. The video was captioned, “Life, it flies by so quickly! Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I will have a 20 year old this year. I treasure these moments where he is still living here. He was gone for 3 weeks and that was just too much for her little heart to take!!”.

The video has around 1 million likes and 8.8k comments and people are finding this reunion wholesome. People filled the comment section with comments like, “Precious”, “Sobbing’, “Touched” and heart emojis. A user also wrote, “That right there will make him a good dad, husband, son to his mom”.