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Viral Video: Bride Plays Kabaddi During Jaimaala Ceremony

Bride Plays Kabaddi During Jaimaala
Seems like Indian weddings have become the breeding ground for viral videos. In a recent one breaking the internet, a bride seems to be playing kabaddi with her husband during the jaimaala ceremony. Bride Plays Kabaddi During Jaimaala 

The video was shared by Manish Mishra, a journalist based in Uttar Pradesh. The couple was exchanging garlands when the bride started running away from him as a part of the ritual. In a bid to evade him from putting the garland around her neck, she could be spotted playing a game like kabaddi. The groom’s friends finally helped him in putting the garland around her neck and complete the ceremony.


In another video that went viral recently, a groom was seen working on his laptop on his wedding day. The video also showed the wife laughing on seeing this miserable sight. It garnered more than 1 million views. Here’s the video.

In another video shared on Instagram, a bride threw a sweet at the groom. Reason? The groom was hesitating to eat it. He even pulled her hand closer and was delaying the whole thing. The bride grew impatient and threw the sweet at him in front of all the relatives invited to the wedding. The video went viral and many rebuked the bride for over reacting.  Read more about this

Another video that became a massive hit in May, a yet to be wed couple was seen playing flip the bottle while the pandit Ji took a break amidst the long and tiring wedding ceremony. “When pandit Ji wants some rest. Let’s play!!” was the caption of the video which had the background music of Sukhwinder Singh’s Haule Haule Ho Jayega Pyaar.

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