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Anuj Kapadia And Anupamaa’s Wedding Video Goes Viral; Netizens Shower Love

anupamaa wedding video

The day that Anupamaa’s fans had been waiting for is finally here. Anuj (played by Gaurav Khanna) and Anupamaa (played by Rupali Ganguly) are finally getting hitched on the popular TV show Anupamaa. Their wedding photos and videos from the show have gone viral on social media. The fans are very happy about the union.

Anupamaa Wedding Video

Rupali Ganguly shared her bridal look from Anupamaa for her fans on Instagram. Not only this, but Gaurav also took to social media to share photos of him dressed as a groom for the show. Vanraj, Anupamaa’s ex-husband ( a character played by Sudhanshu Pandey) also featured in one of the videos. 

A lot of people have commented on their viral photos and videos from the show. “Loved loved loved Anuj entry  Song, choreography and him everything was PURFECTTTTT felt like dancing myself on “Meri shadi karwao”, wrote a user. 

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“THE MOST GORGEOUS WOMAN IN THE WORLD  @TheRupali never witnessed sach A beauty most good-looking BRIDE in this universe”, wrote another.

Anupamaa’s fans have been showering Rupali with a lot of love since the inception of the show. Acknowledging all the attention she has received, she said, “I just want to say that people keep showering their love. I am so happy and the entire credit for this track or anything would go to the creators, writers, and the director of the show. As an actor, I just am a mere puppet. With due years of experience, probably I want to give the writers a little more on what they have written only then I go home happy at heart, but the entire credit for this would definitely go to the main man, Rajan Shahi and his fantastic team.”

More about Anupamaa

Anupamaa is an Indian TV show featuring the struggle of a homemaker to establish her footing in the real world by pursuing her career and chasing her dreams of becoming self-dependent both financially and emotionally. Anuj Kapadia is a rich businessman who is reportedly going to buy Anupamaa and Vanraj’s property. Interestingly, he was Anupamaa’s college mate and also had feelings for her since then.