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“No One Cares About Us”: Afghan Girl Tears Up In Viral Video As Taliban Advances

afghan girl viral video
Afghan girl viral video: With the Taliban having gained stronghold in Afghanistan, taking over power from the government headquartered in Kabul, fear rips through the country’s people, especially women, who face a bleak future as regards their hard-won rights through two decades.

Amid the return of the turmoil that Afghans saw between the Islamist terror outfit’s rule between 1996 and 2001, before the US invasion, women are making urgent appeals on social media, calling on the world to listen to their voices. One such video, reportedly of a young Afghan girl, is doing rounds online in a distressing show of what the community there is experiencing.

“We don’t count because we were born in Afghanistan,” she says in a clip as shared by Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad. “No one cares about us, we’ll die slowly in history.”

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Afghan Girl Viral Video Captures Emotions Of Oppressed Groups Under Taliban

Though circulating online even prior to the Taliban taking control of the administration in Afghanistan, the video is being reshared many times over in the wake of the fundamentalist group’s rule. The viral video has amassed millions of views as trends of Afghanistan, Taliban and Afghan women chart higher numbers.

Educator and founder of non-profit LEARN, Pashtana Zalmai Khan DurraniĀ tellsĀ SheThePeopleĀ from Afghanistan that women have begun retreating from public life as the Taliban takes to the streets. The ruling group’s harsh reading of Islamic law could potentially lead to tight curbs on education and jobs for women. Already, reports suggest women have been forced out of banking jobs in major cities like Kandahar and girls are allegedly being executed for not donning the veil outdoors.

“We need assurance on the educational, political and social rights of women,” Durrani says.

Women on-ground in Afghanistan, on social media, are urging people across the world to keep the conversation up on the rights and protection of vulnerable groups like women, children, activists, artists and journalists in the country. The United Nations and its human rights arms are earning wide condemnation for their lukewarm reproach of the atrocities in Afghanistan.

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