Taliban Kill Young Woman For Wearing Body-Hugging Clothes In Afghanistan: Report

Taliban kill woman for clothes hugging her body days after they executed one for not covering herself with a veil, as per reports.

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Taliban kill woman for clothes: US troops withdrawing from Afghanistan have left space for military Islamist organisation Taliban to regain control in the country. The reign of terror thus unleashed as the terror outfit gains ground has proved most disadvantageous for Afghan women who risk losing their rights to choice, work and study, among other things.

As per recent reports from the Balkh province, a young woman was executed for wearing clothes that were hugging her body and moving in public without a male figure accompanying her.

Only 21, she was shot dead in the Samar Qand village, local radio reports from Afghanistan claimed. The Taliban have however denied all claims about the incident.

The alleged incident of killing the woman for tight clothes comes only days after the Taliban reportedly shot a woman for not wearing a veil. Read more on that here.

Vacuum Of Rights As Taliban Kill Woman For Clothes, Atrocities Unleashed

The organisation has claimed a return to the "genuine" ways of Islam through the religious Sharia law under which it ruled Afghanistan between 1996 - 2001 prior to the US invasion.

During that period of their rule, there was a severe breakdown of human rights that women fear are returning to the land. Girls and women were not allowed to work or go to school, and had always to be accompanied by men during movement outside the house. A head-to-toe burqa covering for women was made compulsory.


It was reported last month that the Taliban demanded for Afghan girls above 15 and widows below 45 to be married to their fighters. Read here.

As reports of atrocities and restrictions continue to surface from Afghanistan, the Taliban are gaining larger territorial ground. Over the weekend they took control of the key location of Kunduz, with five regional capitals now falling to them.

The United Nations has acknowledged the "deadlier and more destructive phase" the terror outfit seems to be taking in Afghanistan, calling attention to the unfolding human rights crises and peace talk directions to take.


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