Why Women Should Stop 'Feeling Guilty' For Their Choices

How many times have you felt guilty for prioritizing your work, earning more than your partner, not being present for your family or kids 24/7, and choosing yourself and your career?

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To all the females watching this video, How many times have you felt guilty for prioritizing your work, earning more than your partner, not being present for your family or kids 24/7, and choosing yourself and your career? Can we just stop feeling guilty about not being the "ideal" version of women for society to idolize? Society clearly can't handle it when a woman decides to live life on her terms. They love making us feel guilty for not fitting into their picture-perfect version of womanhood. From being too bold to too nice, society's got this knack for making us think everything we do is wrong.


Liberating Women from Society's Guilt Trap

Is it that hard to understand that even women are normal human beings and not superheroes? Many studies and surveys show that women are easily guilted  as compared to men. Whether we do well in our career, excel in education, or buy an expensive item for ourselves, some of us always walk around with guilt weighing us down

The guilt of not being considerate of our society’s unrealistic expectations; the guilt of calling out the sexist behavior of a loved one, the guilt of "ruining lives" of abusers. And the list goes on.

Here are 4 things that women should stop feeling guilty about: 

#1 Asking for help 


No matter how easy and simple it may look, somehow years of conditioning have just made it too difficult for us to ask for help. But it is important to understand that you can never have it ALL. It’s okay to take help from your family, friends, or colleagues at work. Ask for it whenever you feel like it. I am not saying that you can’t do it alone, but sometimes it’s better to seek some help instead of over burdening yourself and hampering your physical and mental health 

#2 Taking time out for yourself 

After a hectic week, men need weekends to just chill and revive. Even though we need that time to refresh ourselves too,. But since we have seen our mothers work 7 days a week without any complaints, we start feeling guilty  when we take this “me time.”  Have you seen how Instagram is filled with self care content for women? That is simply because men never find it difficult to take time out for themselves

#3 Saying NO 

No matter how big and bad and fiercely independent we think we are, this one little word NO comes out as “OK, “sure,“why not,” all right,” “let's see. We really need to learn to say NO to anything and everything that makes us feel burdened.  And stop with the “I’m sorry” always attached to the end of saying ‘NO’. Say no however you feel like. Whether by text, phone call, or in person,. There is NO shame in the NO game. No more reason-giving. “I can’t because…” You can’t because you can’t. Period.

#4 Expressing your anger 


For some reason, men are considered “passionate” and women are considered “hysterical” when they express strong emotions. There’s always a fear of seeming crazy or needy when you’re feeling emotional.  Don’t fall for that trap. You have the right to be angry or upset. Do not let anyone gaslight you or use your emotions to undermine your perspective.  Dear women, it’s high time that you realize that it is important to be selfish at times. 


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