Things Only Women Hear. Tired of These 20 Sexist Things We Are Told!

Women deal with casual sexism everyday. They have to bear the burden of questions men never face. Here are 20 such sexist things only women get to hear from society.

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Sexist Compliments in Indian household
Things only women hear: Throughout their lives, women fall prey to sexist comments. These include the society's instructions regarding how they should talk, act or even look. Such remarks are not just tiring but also force women to change themselves just to be "desirable".

Why does the world around us assume that it has the right to draw boundaries for us? Who gives others the authority to create rules about our lives? As women, we are asked to fulfil a list of societal expectations, failing which, we are treated as no less than outcasts.

I remember being judged for my choice of clothes, way of speaking and other things I was born with. Not feeling good about the way people treated me, I tried reforming myself. Soon I realised that we cannot do anything about the way we are until and unless the characteristics are self-imposed. We are anyway not meant to be people pleasers.

Men are never blamed for grievous offences because of course, "men will be men." They can go around doing as they please but are never dealt with seriously. In fact, they are given the title of a "stud" for using women as sex objects. Violence is seen as their "natural instinct". They can roam about freely at night and assault women. No one locks them in to avoid that. On the other hand, it's the women who are asked to be careful and return home as early as possible.

The hypocrisy our society harbours is well evident in every step we take. Men are encouraged to work hard and women are taught to be "good wives". Men are never seen as "potential fathers" but every woman is considered to be a future mother. I could go on stating hundreds of such comments which women are done with hearing. But for now, I'll stick to 20.

Here are 20 sexist things only women are told.

  1. Why go for a Master's degree? You are getting married anyway!
  2. You didn't change your surname after marriage? Why?
  3. When are you having children? After you cross the "childbearing" age?
  4. Do you look 'sick' because you are not wearing makeup?
  5. You should look friendly and pleasing. Smile a little more.
  6. You appear so irritated. Is it 'that time of the month'?
  7. How come you haven't learnt how to cook yet?
  8. You can continue with your studies even after marriage.
  9. You shouldn't use abusive language.
  10. Will you get angry even when you go to your "own house".
  11. Don't you think you are too slim to deliver babies?
  12. Why do you want to work? Your husband earns well enough.
  13. Who takes care of your children when you are at work?
  14. Reduce your weight, else no one will marry you.
  15. Go on a trip with your husband not friends.
  16. Being a woman, it's you who should learn to adjust.
  17. You can work only if you can manage it along with the household chores
  18. If you wear such clothes, men will think, "You are asking for it."
  19. How does your boyfriend/husband allow you to stay outside for such long hours?
  20. You can't get married too late. Your biological clock is ticking.

Sexist things women hear

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