Watch: What Most Women Don't Know About Their Vagina

There are hundreds of facts and myths surrounding vaginal health and intimate hygiene on the internet. Do not stress - we got you covered with the right details that you may not know about.

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Do you know your vagina well? Well, we bet 90% of women might not know these facts about vaginas! There are hundreds of facts and myths surrounding vaginal health and intimate hygiene on the internet. Do not stress - we got you covered with the right details that you may not know about.


What Women Don't Know About Their Vagina

The Vagina Is Self-Cleaning

All the popular products from the cosmetic industry claiming to brighten, tighten, or maintain the pH levels of your intimate areas are nothing less than a gimmick! These products just clean the vulva not VAGINA including the clitoris and inner and outer lips of the vulva. The vagina is self-cleaning and maintains a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria through natural discharge.

Too Much Cleaning Is A Bad Idea

Now that we know our vagina is self-cleaning and capable enough to maintain its pH levels, it is also important to note that these chemicals and sometimes excessive presence of water/moisture can actually becomes breeding grounds for bad bacteria. While your vulvas don't need any cosmetic cleaning aid, one can use regular cleaning intimate hygiene products which are just fragrance-free soaps and water.

Vaginas Are Diverse


Vaginas are as diverse as humans ranging in colours, shapes and sizes, but it doesn't have to look in any "certain" way! There are certain labelled images that vulvas must look like 'lilies' and 'daisies' however, that's just BS as darker vulvas are absolutely normal too! Rather, sometimes a darker vulva is a good sign of puberty.

Say NO To 'Lightening' Products

All skincare and health professionals agree to the fact no one needs any "lightening" and "brightening" products for your intimate areas. The "brightening" of intimate areas is just a curse adopted by adult media (pornography industry) but the wrongful practice still persists and the cosmetic industries make more than enough products to support such practices.

The skin around the genitalia is actually sensitive, and hence using bleaching and other chemicals around the vulva is a bad idea and could be dangerous too. The 'fair body' and 'fair vulva' are just a racist construct underlaid by the cosmetic industry and suggesting the need for 'lightening' and 'brightening' creams is actually just perpetuating the idea of colourism!

Dark Vaginas Are Not Unhygenic!

Some people produce more melanin (a substance produced by the body that provides pigmentation to the skin) and hence their intimate areas are darker than few others, however, dark doesn't mean unhygienic or dirtier! We need to understand that 'clean' doesn't mean 'light skin'. 


Intimate Area Tightening

Another trendy product in the cosmetic industry range deals with intimate area tightening. This foul idea is sold to us in the form of products, pills and even cosmetic surgeries! In fact, there are some disturbing practices like 'husband stitch' where after childbirth a woman's vagina is stitched so that she could return to her "pre-delivery condition" 

Such sick interventions are not at all important for women's health but actually centre around male sexual pleasures and desires manifested by patriarchy, capitalism and medicines. 

Policing Female Bodies

The need and obsession with the vaginal body are furthered through cosmetic interventions that lead to policing and disciplining female bodies and their vaginas! So the next time you watch an advertisement telling you how your vaginas should look, smell, and be like, don't let that get to you! 

A healthy vagina has no certain shape, size, colour, or odour and is self-cleansing with few natural discharges. No vagina has to be "tight" or "light" as a healthy vagina is a functional vagina that is comfortable during sex and other activities.

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