Expert Explains: Four Changes The Female Body Goes Through After Sex

Dr Riddhima Shetty, MS, DNB OBGYN explains to SheThePeople's viewers what are some changes that take place in women's bodies during sex and how they affect our body, mind and heart.

Paawani Gupta
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Image credit: SheThePeople TV Youtube Channel

Sex is the most physically intimate act two partners could perform and this causes certain changes in our body. The female body and anatomy are unique and complex with many nuances attached to them. There have always been false myths surrounding female pleasure where our society takes away the entire concept of satisfaction, orgasm and pleasure of sex for women. In their lifetime only 30% of women achieve orgasm and experience actual pleasure and not pain during sex. In this short video, Dr. Riddhima Shetty explains to us all the changes going on in a female body while having sex in a sequential order which she has divided into 4 phases. 


Phase 1: Excitement

In this phase according to Dr. Shetty, the heart rate starts to increase and the pulse becomes quicker. She explained to us the science behind breathing heavily during sex by saying that since our heart rate increases, our oxygen requirement in the lungs increases which causes us to breathe heavily to take more oxygen into our body. While many think that one looks 'glowy' after sex it is because our small blood vessels and capillaries start dilating along the surface of our skin which makes our skin red, flushed and glowy. Our nipples become erect and the breast size increases than normal due to the dilated and engorged blood vessels. 

Phase 2: Plateau

After phase one our body starts to get ready for sexual intercourse and some stark changes take place. The vagina expands and it starts to lubricate itself with a natural fluid also commonly known as arousal fluid, expecting penetration. The muscles in our body get tensed up and our blood pressure and heart rate also rise. 

Phase 3: Climax

Our body reaches its peak with an intense sense of release. Here we feel like our vaginal muscles are contracting and relaxing very vigorously with an intense sense of release. There is also a release of happy hormones which is oxytocin and its levels keep increasing at a steady speed and reach their highest level during sexual intercourse upon achieving orgasm.


Phase 4: Resolution

This phase marks the completion of the intercourse and all the parts of our body go back to their pre-sex status. Our heart rate, pulse, breathing and BP start to reduce and go back to normal. Vaginal contraction goes back to normal and the nipples and breasts also return to their pre-sex state after this we may feel relaxed and calm or tired and exhausted and fall asleep quicker. Dr. Shetty emphasises that this phase makes us realise that all the changes that take place in our body are only temporary and transient, post orgasm, our body changes its state back to pre-sex status gradually. 

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